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How second pregnancy changed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s body


How second pregnancy changed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s body

How second pregnancy changed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s body

Dressed in comfy kaftans and beaming throughout her second pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor really made it feel like a child’s play. She literally kept smiling even when the paparazzi swarmed her from time to time. And kudos to Kareena for that! However, Kareena Kapoor Khan has finally talked about her second pregnancy experience and how it took her forever to get back on track and how the Second Pregnancy Changed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s body.

In a recent post for International Yoga Day, the actress shared her postpartum experience. She explained how drained and exhausted she felt after her second child. “Now, after two babies and four months after giving birth … this time I was just exhausted and in too much pain to return, but today I am returning slowly and steadily,” explained Kareena.

How second pregnancy changed Kareena Kapoor Khan's body

She further added that she resumed her yoga practice four months after her second birth and that she intended to do so without guilt or inhibition. Kareena wrote: “My time for yoga is my time for me … and of course consistency is the key … so keep it up folks”

In the post, she also opened up about her love of yoga and how she started the journey in 2006. “For me, my yoga journey began in 2006 when I signed with Tashan and Jab We Met … an incredible one … which kept me fit and strong, ” explained Kareena. She also posted a photo of her return to routine and we were very impressed. Well, if only we had Bebo’s determination!

But that’s not it. To celebrate International Yoga Day, Kareena also posted an adorable photo of Saif Ali Khan and Taimur doing yoga together. “Following the # InternationalYogaDay custom, there is the husband and the son. We inspire each other because #inspiration starts at home,” she captioned the post. Here check out the picture: 

How second pregnancy changed kareena kapoor's body

Well, if that didn’t make you say “awwww” then we don’t know what it will. Also hoping that we all have Kareena Kapoor’s determination and her flawless skin too!

We hope you start Yoga if you haven’t already. Hope you liked the article of how second pregnancy changed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s body.

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