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How To Get Rid Of Your Summer Tan In 4 Easy Steps



How To Get Rid Of Your Summer Tan In 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Rid Of Your Summer Tan In 4 Easy Steps

With the arrival of the summer season comes inevitable tanning of our skin. We have to stay hydrated, eat light food, and wear cotton clothes, but even with these things in our routine, we should also care for our skin which is exposed to the harsh light of the sun. The natural shine and glow of our skin are affected and wiped off as a result of the scorching sun, excessive heat, pollution, and sweat. Tanning is one of the most common skin problems, and it is caused by our skin’s release of melanin when it is exposed to harsh sunlight. Tans are caused by UVA radiation. UVA rays penetrate the epidermis to the lower layers, where they stimulate melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin is responsible for tanning. Let’s look at a few easy steps through which you can get rid of your summer tan.


A good face wash brightens the skin, protects it from the sun, acts as a natural toner, and moisturizer, and treats dark spots. It is recommended that you use a natural face wash twice a day to reduce summer tanning because it will help with deep cleansing and will remove all the dirt. De-tan face wash can help you get rid of tan and sunburn spots. It also exfoliates pores, removes dead cells from the skin’s surface, and promotes cell regeneration.

Face Serum

Face serum protects against sun damage, reduces dark circles, brightens skin tone, and, most importantly, moisturizes the skin, use them to reduce summer tan. A good serum can aid in the proper treatment of tan and can work wonders. A good serum would be Vitamin C serum as it reduces melanin (skin pigment) synthesizing, resulting in bright, glowing skin.


Sunscreens reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. They’re one of your best sun-protection options because they protect you without meddling with your comfort or level of activity. Even on cloudy days and when you don’t plan on spending much time outside, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Because up to 80% of sun exposure is incidental, the UVA ingredients in sunscreen can be broken down by the sun, regardless of the SPF. Even if you don’t get a sunburn, UVA rays can cause damage to your skin that isn’t visible so reapply every 2 hours to reduce summer tan.


Exfoliating the skin gently will aid in the removal of pigmented dead skin cells from the epidermis. This can help to lessen the appearance of a tan. Furthermore, exfoliation allows later-applied moisturizers and lotions to truly hydrate the skin, improving the tan and making it glow and healthy!

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