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How To Maintain Menstrual Hygiene

Maintain Menstrual Hygiene

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How To Maintain Menstrual Hygiene

How To Maintain Menstrual Hygiene

Ladies, we all have periods, period. There is nothing to be ashamed of. She is part of the process of being a strong woman. In fact, you should be proud that you are bleeding once a month, and that you experience a lot of discomfort while doing this, and you can still do everything like not doing it to anyone else! Only women enjoy this strength.

In ancient times, a woman who talked about her menstrual cycle was considered a taboo. Forget about talking, admitting that you have problems with your period has been embarrassing. From locking yourself in a four-day room from menstruation to talking about it now publicly, times have definitely changed forever. Unfortunately, there are still some rural areas in India that have yet to see the light of day. Awareness of menstrual hygiene through progressive films like Padman has certainly changed people’s thinking, but we still have a long way to go and understand the importance of menstrual hygiene and prevention.

Women bleed for 3-5 days a month. Some bleed more and others don’t bleed every month based on course or conditions, such as PCOD and PCOS. Although it is not an experience that we all expect, it does not prevent us from continuing, right?

Getting a course is a completely normal process. But as we bleed each month, the chances of infection are high as bacteria build up in warm blood. But don’t worry about maintaining personal and menstrual hygiene, as we are here to answer all of your questions.

Change the sanitary napkins regularly, keep the intimate area clean and wash your hands so that bacteria do not accumulate near the vagina. Using dirty or wet menstrual products for more than 4 hours can increase your risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs), and you don’t want to!

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Monthly hygiene tips

For bacteria, our warmblood is an environment conducive to growth and growth. Therefore, you must keep the vagina and the surrounding area clean, especially during that time of the month. Whatever your flow, if you are in the menstrual period, you need to follow some basic tips to clean the menstrual cycle for a happy period and here they are:

– Change a sanitary napkin every 5 hours.

-Wear cotton pants

-Gently wash the intimate area.

-Avoid using soap or vaginal hygiene products.

-Get rid of your scarf properly

-Always stick to one type of menstrual product

– Shower every day

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Change your sanitary pad every 5 hours.

The basic rule is to change the sanitary napkins, tampon or menstrual cup every 4-5 hours. Even if your flow is low or on your third or fourth day, don’t continue to use the same menstrual cycle product for hours only, because nothing comes out. Menstrual blood attracts many living things and does not remove stained towels unless doubled over time. It can also cause infections and cause severe irritation and rash there.

Wear cotton pants

Wear breathable cotton pants to breathe in your pubic area as well. Remember, not only do you wear panties, there is also a menstruation product that fills the area. Having too much sweat mixed with the smell of blood will make things worse and you will feel uncomfortable. The soft cotton-like fabric ensures ease and freshness throughout the day.

Gently wash the intimate area.

Not only does the menstrual product change regularly, but it is also important to wash the vagina. When you change the pillow, for example, some unwanted organisms can travel to your hands or other parts of your body, and the vagina is more sensitive. The correct way to wash them is simply using water. You can use a hand shower or jet sprayer every time you use the bathroom to stay clean these days.

Avoid using soap or vaginal hygiene products.

It is recommended to wash the vagina with a vaginal hygiene product, but not during periods. The vagina is self-cleaning, along with the use of any type of soap-based products can be complicated during periods. Using many artificial hygiene products can also dry the area, causing irritation and bacterial growth.

Get rid of your scarf properly

Getting rid of your healthy products like napkins or tampons is an important step in cleaning your period. Never rinse as this can clog the toilet. Most people wrap it in an old newspaper and / or use a separate bag to dispose of used health products so that bacteria do not spread to other things.

Always stick to one type of menstruation product

What do you prefer to use when you bleed? A tampon? Sanitary towels? No matter what you use, always stick to one type of product during a cycle, regardless of its flow. The combination of two or more products can cause infection.

Shower every day

If you tend not to shower every day, do the exact opposite during your periods. A warm shower not only helps you feel comfortable with menstrual cramps, it will also soothe you from head to toe and reduce the chances of any infection. Everything comes to keep you clean.

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