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How to Make Pores Smaller With Makeup – Tutorial and Tips

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How to Make Pores Smaller With Makeup – Tutorial and Tips

How to Make Pores Smaller With Makeup – Tutorial and Tips

Preparation is vital and this includes cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. You can also use toner or micellar water to neutralize your skin. Ice also works as a simple but effective treatment to help reduce large pores before applying makeup. Choose the right skincare and makeup for your skin type. You should use products that are specifically designed to help soften and soften your skin. Below is the list of products that would be required to make pores smaller

1. Primer

Primers not only make your skin look softer and smoother, but they also help foundation stick to your skin for hours on end. For very large pores, it is best to use a silicone-based foundation as it has a thicker texture and works well to smooth pores, wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. It also prevents the spread and exacerbation of acne.

2. Foundation

It’s best to avoid moist, luminous formulas or those that leave you with a matte finish. Look for products that give a “silky”, “natural”, “satin”, “flawless” or “high definition” finish. These blur the pores and don’t feel heavy on the skin.

3. Finishing powder

For an instant airbrush finish, a finishing powder or a setting powder can be your savior.

4. Makeup brushes

Use high-quality, soft-bristled makeup brushes. Also, using a thicker foundation brush will help the foundation fill in and cover large pores instead of cleaning them.

Let’s read on step by step tutorial to disguise large pores with makeup and achieve a flawless base.

1. Skin prep

Start by washing your face with a mild, oil-free cleanser. Apply an alcohol-free toner or some micellar water to remove dead skin cells or other bacteria. Apply a light moisturizer. For best results, choose one that contains salicylic acid, which will help your pores appear smaller. Once your face is hydrated, give your face at least five minutes before moving on to primer.

2. Use primer

Grab some primer to minimize pores and use your fingers to delve into areas with enlarged pores in circular motions. Then press firmly with your fingers and tap gently on the areas where you applied the primer. This helps to soften the product and give your skin a smoother base.

3. Foundation time

Use a small stiff brush to apply foundation to areas with large pores. Use this brush in a circular motion over the affected areas so that the formula covers the pores completely and does not drift over the top of the skin. Once you’re done, use your regular foundation brush in a gentle motion to go over the other areas.

4. Set it with powder

Use a puff of setting powder to apply setting powder. Fold it in half, use pressure, and brush the powder over the skin to deposit the powder directly into the pores.

You can work your lips and eyes to finish off the look.

How to prevent large pores?

1. Never sleep with makeup

2. Don’t skip the SPF

3. Eat well and eat a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods that can inflame your skin and cause clogged pores.

4. Do not use oil-based skincare products.


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