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How to make your lips look bigger and plumper?


How to make your lips look bigger and plumper?

How to make your lips look bigger and plumper?

Surgical procedure are getting famous these days either it’s for lifting up face or to make your lips look bigger. Before getting into these procedures read on to simple and non-surgical ways to get plump lips.

 1. Exfoliation

Exfoliating your lips can effectively reduce flaking and dead cells. The exfoliation process will also help plump up your lips and give them a fuller appearance. Easy and quick options lie in our kitchen. Check homemade exfoliator ingredients below


  1. Sugar – 2 teaspoons
  2. Coconut oil – 1 teaspoon


  1. Mix the sugar and coconut oil in a glass bowl. You can use regular sugar or choose organic or brown sugar.
  2. Apply the mixture to your lips with gentle pressure.
  3. Massage in a circular motion for a minute or two to remove dead skin cells.
  4. Clean with a soft cloth.

2. Hydration

The lips tend to dry out faster and this can affect their plump appearance as well. Therefore, drink plenty of water to keep your lips soft, plump, and hydrated. You should also protect your lips from sun exposure. Applying regular petroleum jelly to your lips can seal in moisture and also provide sun protection. While this habit may not physically enlarge your lips, it can make your lips look bigger.

3. Lip lining

Apply a small amount of concealer and wipe your lips with it. Line your lips with lip liner. The trick is to draw this outline a little outside the natural line of your lips. This will help your lips appear larger.

Lastly, fill in your lips with a lipstick that matches the color of the lip liner.

4. Lip makeup

You can create a look of fuller lips instead of making them look fuller. Get that illusion easier with soft, healthy lips.

Dab the center of your upper and lower lips with a small amount of clear lip gloss. This will help draw light to the center of your lips and make them appear dimensionally fuller.

5. Lip Plumpers

Lip fillers are products that can make your lips appear fuller and smoother than usual. These products are specifically designed to plump the lips without the need for surgery.

6. Facial Yoga/ Exercise

Exposure to sun and aging can cause skin laxity. Facial exercises can help you have a youthful appearance. It can make your upper and lower cheeks appear fuller and your skin firmer. Regular facial exercise can stimulate the muscles around the mouth and promote blood circulation. This can increase collagen production and possibly help your lips appear plumper and plump.


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