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How to Straighten your Hair without Heat

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How to Straighten your Hair without Heat

How to Straighten your Hair without Heat

Everyone knows that heat is one of the most common causes of hair damage. Using styling tools like straighteners, and blow dryers can make your hair brittle, dry, and more susceptible to damage.
There are healthier ways to straighten your hair without getting hurt by the heat. Read on to find out how you can get silky smooth hair without making it messy.

1. Overnight Straightening

Some hair requires a hair tie. Wash your hair and let it air dry until it’s moist. Then part your hair in half and style it into a ponytail. Using other hair ties at three-inch intervals, secure your hair. Leave this hairstyle overnight.

2. Hot Oil Treatment

Heat a tbsp of coconut oil and mix it with a tbsp of castor oil. You can increase the required amount based on the length and thickness of your hair. Apply the oil to your hair and leave it for 45 minutes before washing it. Massage your scalp while applying the oil to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. Many say that coconut oil helps control frizz.

3. Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning allows your hair to relax. This makes it easy to detangle and straighten your hair. Choose deep conditioning masks with hydrating ingredients like aloe Vera, hydrolyzed protein, and coconut oil. You can also use cosmetic hair conditioners like regular leave-in conditioners. They are made to reduce frizz, detangle hair, increase softness, and reduce friction.

4. Cold Water Rinse

Rinsing your hair with cold water closes the cuticle and allows it to straighten. This process works if you use a straightening shampoo or conditioner.

5. Natural Ingredients

There are many natural hair masks, packs, and oils that can help smooth and smooth hair without the need for heat styling tools. Ingredients like coconut oil, honey, and lemon juice not only straighten the hair but also improve its health. Take a look at some of these natural home remedies below.

6. Hair Wrapping

The hair wrap is another type 4 hair straightening technique that requires an elastic band, some long bobby pins, and a scarf to keep the rolled hair in place. Leave it on overnight, and your hair will be straight in the morning. This protects your hair and prevents frizz.


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