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How To Style Hoops Like Celebs

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How To Style Hoops Like Celebs

How To Style Hoops Like Celebs

Celebrities try out various types of designs and styles with the help of their designers. The one style which is quite popular at the present time is the Jamma Hoop earning. Various Celebs try out these styles in their own way which made is much more popular. From Jennifer Lopez to Hailey Baldwin every celebrity tries out the hoops with their outfit.
The hoops are available in three sizes which is Mini, medium and Big and you can try the silver, gold or rose gold designs. There are hundreds of styles from which you can check out the styles of hoops. You might have already seen several celebrities sharing a picture of wearing hoops on their social media profile.
Zendaya styling with Mini Hoops
Zendaya is an emerging star who was recently seen SpiderMan: Far From Home which was super hit at the box office with over 1 billion collections. The star is enjoying immense popularity and success on her social media. She does not let her fans down and post pictures regularly. She was seen wearing hoops in various ways. During the Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 show, she was wearing Choker-size hoop. In a recent interview, she was wearing silver mini hoops with a pink dress.
Hailey Baldwin with Baby Hoops
Haily Baldwin one of the most famous Celebs on Instagram. She has used hoops with various type of her outfit and show how you can incorporate this style in various ways. Recently she also made a statement as to how hoops are her signature style. She was seen wearing the hoops on red carpets and even when she was running some errands.
Kendall Jenner with Big hoops
Kendall Jenner enjoys immense popularity on social media and her always in news due to her amazing fashion choice. She was seen wearing various types of hoops with her amazing outfits. You can follow her footsteps if you want to learn how to look good in hoops. The Celebs are always known for their unique and amazing fashion sense.
Rihanna wearing medium hoops
Rihanna is not only popular for her singing skills but also her amazing fashion choice. If you want to learn how to wear hoops like Celebs then you should definitely follow her outfits. She was seen wearing hoops during Dior’s Spring ’17 show. Nowadays you can select from hundreds of different types of hoops and prefer the one which is best. Her dressing sense might help you to use the hoops in a much better way.
Jennifer Lopez wearing medium hoops
It might not be wrong to say that Jennifer Lopez has been wearing hoops which make her perfect to follow. If you want to learn how to style hoops like Celebs then you need to learn it from her. J.Lo has tried about all the styles of hoops that are trendy right now and by watching her pictures you can get some ideas about how you can incorporate them.
Cindy Crawford wearing Silver hoops
Cindy Crawford is a famous model whom you might have seen in the famous Pepsi commercial. She was seen wearing silver hoops with white top and blue jeans and look perfect. You can also keep it casual when using the hoops style. You can just simply wear them during your walks or going shopping.
Michelle Obama in Mini Hoops
The former first lady, Michelle Obama is also not behind and role model for almost every woman. She was also seen wearing golden hoops with a yellow dress which looked perfect on her. You can also try this look in which she wore a full-size yellow along with the hoops. It might be perfect for people who want to try something fashionable and simple.
Selena Gomez in Mini Hoops
Selena Gomez is just more than a singer with millions of people following her every fashion and style. She also wears hoops during an outing with friends in which she wears silver hoops with black casual dress. If you are going out with your friends for a casual night then you can try this style with hoop which will look perfect.
In order to appeal to their fans and improve online presence so that they become more popular, every Celebs tries various types of style. The hoops are quite popular and you can find almost every celeb trying them at least once. If you want to check out the picture of your favorite celebrity wearing hoops then you can check out their social media profiles. These style by celebs will really help you the next time you try wearing hoops.

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