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How to summer proof your makeup so that it lasts all-day



How to summer proof your makeup so that it lasts all-day

How to summer proof your makeup so that it lasts all-day

Summer vacations are still on and you might have some plans to go to the beach or for vacation. If you do then you might have some things to worry about. During summer one of the things which becomes difficult for any girl is to apply makeup. While there are some solutions for that but they might be helpful for everyone. This way you can truly enjoy your summer vacations without any problems. Also, check out this one

  1. Apply Moisturizer on your Skin for nourishment

The first and most important thing is how you take care of your skin and for that, you need to keep it moisturized. During summer you will sweat a lot due to heat so you need to make sure that your skin remains hydrated. You can use a moisturizer on your skin. By taking the moisturizer in your palm and then gently massaging it with your fingers you will spread it out evenly.

2.Protect your skin from UV rays by using Sunscreen

Nowadays skin burn is quite common if you are at a beach and that is why you need to make sure to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. For this, you can use a layer of sunscreen over your skin which will be quite helpful for you. You need to make sure that you always apply sunscreen over your makeup every single day.

3.Use primer on your face before applying makeup

It won’t take too much of your time to apply a primer on your skin. While it may cost you some money but it will surely provide you with much more benefits. Not only that it is also quite light in weight which means that you will not even feel like it’s even there. By using a good quality of primer under your makeup will hold it together for a longer period of time.

4.Provide Glow to your Skin Using Bronzer

By using a good quality of bronzer will be quite helpful for you as it will enhance the beauty of your eyes. When you use a bronzer on your skin then it will look much better on your skin which will make it glow. You should apply bronzer at your chin, nose, cheekbones, and forehead as these places have the most impact on your face.

5.Apply Makeup in Moderate Amount

Sometimes when you are applying your makeup some people tend to go overboard. That is why you need to make sure to control yourself while applying your makeup. You can simply use the help of your friends or your family member while using makeup. They can simply help you to control the amount of makeup you are using. By using the help of someone else you will get a better opinion.

6.Use Lighter Shade for Eyes and Lips

Now, while applying makeup all over your face you should not forget your eyes and lips. Your eyes define your face and you need to make sure that you use a good amount of mascara over them. Using a good eyeliner will be helpful for you to protect them from sunlight. The same goes for your lips which needs to stay moisturized and you can do it by using good quality of lipstick during summer. If you apply too much lipstick then make sure that you remove them properly.

7.Finish the Makeup with Setting Spray

After completing all the above tasks now you need to finalize your makeup. For that, you need to spritz on a setting spray to complete your look. Using the help of setting spray will hold your make up for a longer time and will look shinier.

You should avoid using powder blush formula which will get worse during the summer. Instead, you can prefer using gel or blush stains which are quite helpful. Also, it should be quite common for anyone who has used makeup for a long time that you only use a waterproof product. Nowadays you can find various waterproof products for makeup so make sure that you invest in your makeup properly. You should also keep all the required things for makeup with you all the time so that you can do touch up at any time. You can also check out this one

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