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How To Take Care of your Beautiful dusky skin?

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How To Take Care of your Beautiful dusky skin?

How To Take Care of your Beautiful dusky skin?

While each skin tone has its own charm, the beauty industry has specifically classified them into different categories. This is just to assess the perfect shades of makeup and clothing for each dusky skin and complexion.

In this post, we share with you the best colors and makeup tips to highlight dusky skin.

1. What and why dark-skinned?

Dark skin is slightly darker than brunette skin but lighter than blackish brown skin. It is also known as “tanned” or “sun-kissed” skin.

This fur is common among Indians due to factors such as genetics and geographic proximity to the equator according to many scientific studies. (one)

2. Makeup tips for dusky skin

A. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Avoid applying a foundation lighter than your skin tone. This can make your skin look gray and patchy. Wear your shadow with pride! Applying foundation is to even out your skin tone and make it look radiant and healthy.


Apply your foundation shade to your jawline to get a better idea of ​​the shade that matches your face.

B. Concealer

Don’t forget to use concealer. It will help you even out your face and hide imperfections and sun spots. Choose a concealer one or two shades darker than the tone of your face.


Pat the product with a makeup sponge.

C. Accentuate your eyes

Brunette women often have deep black eyes and eyebrows. Highlight your eyes. Play with shades like copper, gold, burgundy, and green. Dark metallic colors look great on dusky skin. Use eyeliner in shades of green and blue. If you like to experiment, you can also add some white eyeliner to your eye makeup.

D. Blush

Contrast is the key. Shades like coral, raspberry, and deep orange look great on dusky skin. Avoid wearing beige and brown. It can make your skin look dull. Choose shades of deep red during the day and plum, wine, and bronze at night.

E. Lip shadow

Choose deep, dark lip colors, preferably in shades of red and pink. Shades like plum, maroon, burgundy, and raspberry work well with darker complexions. Avoid bright colors like neon and orange on your lips. If you love wearing nude shades, choose one that matches your skin tone.  The light that is too bright can make your face look dull.


Luster and shine go well with darker complexions.

F. Distinguish

The warm, shimmering gold tones look great on darker skin.

G. Fill in those brows

Highlight those well-defined black eyebrows. Your eyes and eyebrows can be the most attractive part of your face. Fill in your brows with an appropriate pencil that matches the grade of your brows.

H. powder

Dark-skinned Indians tend to have oily skin. Dust your face with powder to keep it from looking greasy. Choose a face powder similar to your skin tone.

3. Hair dyes for dark skin

If you have dark skin, you have a range of colors to try! These colors were very popular with dark-skinned people.

A. Deep Brown / Mahogany

Shades of brown that are two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color will complement your darker complexion. They add a sense of maturity to your look. Choose a light brown color to add brightness to your face and eyes.

B. caramel

If you are adventurous and prefer a shade that complements your personality, then this is the shade for you. Light brown or bleached caramel shade will create an interesting look.

C. Amber or deep red

These fun shades will brighten up your look. Deep red and amber are popular shades in the beauty industry and work well with dusky skin tones.

D. Chestnut Brown

This color is slightly tilted towards the blonde side. Strands of this color look great on dark skin. It provides sharp contrast without making your skin look dull.

I purple

Purple spikes are great for dark women and will add a touch of whimsy to your look!

Some other colors that can complement your darker complexion are honey, chocolate, and hints of blue or pink.

If you love to experiment with your hair and don’t mind making a few mistakes, go ahead and choose a color that you like. You can also go for a brown ombre style.

4. What color of clothing suits dusky skin tone?

Wear colors that brighten your eyes or contrast with your skin tone.

A. Reds, blacks, and whites

These are universal shades that will suit every skin tone. Red undertones match dusky skin tones. A well-fitting light or dark red dress will make your dark complexion stand out. Apply deep lipstick if you choose to wear a red outfit. Shades of red will also add a bold look to your look.

B. Grays

Gray tones make you look confident and always go with darker skin tones.

C. teal

Everyone wants to try this new shade of blue in town. The teal color instantly brightens up your look and is perfect for daytime wear.

D. gold

If you usually think outside the box and like to wear sequins or sparkly outfits, go for a warm gold hue that matches your dark complexion. If you prefer something more subtle and not outrageous, opt for rose gold or faded gold suit.

E. Hot pink

This shade of dark red or brown lipstick is perfect for a summery look.

F. yellow

This color looks great on dusky skin. Brighten up your look, as well as add some fun to it.

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