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A Guide to the Industrial piercing- All you need to know

industrial piercing

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A Guide to the Industrial piercing- All you need to know

A Guide to the Industrial piercing- All you need to know

The Industrial piercing: everything you need to know

An industrial piercing actually consists of two piercings in one. Straight barbell (sometimes referred to as industrial barbell when used in this type of piercing) connects two ear piercings, commonly found on the helix and anti helix. However, there are differences in industrial piercing that link other types of cartilage piercing.

These piercings have often been associated with punk methods, however now that body piercings, particularly cartilage piercings, have enjoyed widespread popularity, artificial piercings are becoming less severe and softer and a unique addition to any cartilage tip.

Because you will have two piercings at once ,for it aftercare practices can be more difficult. Also, cartilage requires more attention during healing than the fleshy areas, so you need to make sure to pay attention while it heals. The aesthetics of an artificial piercing also depends largely on the anatomy of your ear, so it is not for everyone.

industrial piercing
industrial piercing

Here you will find everything you need to know about industrial piercings.

How much does an Industrial Piercing hurt?

Because an artificial piercing is simply a combination of the two types of cartilage piercing, a piercing shouldn’t hurt more than any other cartilage piercing. However, since you will have two piercings at once, there will be a little more tenderness than if you had one piercing at the same time. You shouldn’t expect a lot of pain during a piercing, but it will be most bothersome during the first weeks of healing.

Heal an Industrial piercing

industrial piercing
industrial piercing

Healing from an artificial piercing will be the same as for any other cartilage piercing. Recovery usually takes two to three months, but may take longer. Speak with a piercing expert before terminating aftercare practices to ensure a full recovery.

In addition to standard aftercare practice, with an artificial piercing, you will need to be extremely careful to avoid ripping your jewelry. The industrial piercing easily tangles in your hair, which can pull your jewelry off. In cartilage piercing, it is very easy to damage the skin, which causes complications such as hypertrophic scars. For this reason, some people choose to cartilage stud while their it heals.

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Aftercare rules for Industrial Piercing

industrial piercing
industrial piercing

In addition to your regular aftercare practices, here are some aftercare tips when treating with it.

  • Keep your hair away from jewelry. As mentioned above, Industrial barbell easily get tangled in the hair, which can tighten the piercing and damage the skin. Try to keep your hair up and away from the piercings while you heal. You can also choose to cartilage stud while it heals.
  • Don’t hit the jewelry. This includes on-ear and sleep aids. Squeezing jewelry can damage the healing piercing and contribute to problems such as piercing rejection and jewelry migration. If you must sleep on your side, it is a good idea to get a industrial piercing at the same time so you can sleep in one ear that is not healing.
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industrial piercing
industrial piercing

  • Choose the right starter jewelry. You need to make sure that your implant is large enough to allow for swelling, especially since you may see more swelling than normal from the two holes. Be careful; Longer barbell will be easier to break.
  • Choose a quality metal to avoid jewelery rejection or skin allergies. You should also choose a plain and straight rod. Any additional spells or styles can add weight when pulling the new piercing and possibly cause damage.
  • Also, the industry tends to pierce with a 14G needle, although it can be pierced with a 16G needle. Once it has healed, you can tighten the cartilage, but do so with caution; Squeezing cartilage is difficult, time-consuming, and easy to damage your ears. You should also make sure that your jewelry is internally threaded so that the outer strings don’t rub against the piercing.

Industrial piercing jewelry styles

industrial piercing
industrial piercing
  • Perhaps the best thing about an industrial hole is that it only has three holes in one. You can put a straight barbell through the two holes for an industrial look, or you can fill each hole with a cartilage stud for a standard cartilage piercing aesthetic.
  • Industrial barbell is the most widely used industrial jewelry. It is like a straight barbells, although some industrial barbells have a charm at their center, because industrial piercing allows this pattern. Feel free to get creative with your own industrial aesthetics.
  • You can also go for cartilage studs when you are tired of the industrial look. You can choose studs that have a flat disk on the back or a ball button.
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Why don’t I get an Industrial Piercing?

industrial piercing
industrial piercing
  • The appearance of an industrial piercing depends largely on the anatomy of your ear. If you have a smaller ear, it may not be able to accommodate an artificial piercing.
  • Since you have to treat two piercings at once, if you know that you will not be good at aftercare practices, you may want to choose something that is easier to heal. Also, it may not be a great first piercing.
  • Cartilage healing is more prone to problems like cartilage spurs or hypertrophic scars. If you have had trouble healing cartilage in the past, it is a good idea to speak with a piercer before proceeding with an artificial piercing.

How much will Industrial piercing cost?

industrial piercing
industrial piercing

Industrial advance differences
By far the most common industrial ear piercing pattern connects helix and anti-helix piercings. However, the industry technically consists of any two holes in the cartilage connected to a straight or industrial barbell. While the ideas are endless, here are some popular options.

A vertical industrial piercing can pierce different areas of the cartilage. It often involves a helix piercing and a conch piercing, or two holes in the cochlea or rock and coch.

A double or triple industrial piercing consists of several artificial holes. It’s common to see it in a standard synthetic hole, but you can get creative with it.

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