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Inspirational fashion brands founded by women!

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Inspirational fashion brands founded by women!

Inspirational fashion brands founded by women!

When it comes to the world of the fashion then we certainly cannot leave out the influence of some of the best women fashion brand owners. These women fashion designers started off their brands and offered us with some of the most inspirational stories. Let us know who they are exactly.

Who are these women?

Following is the list of some of the best women fashion brands owners who did nothing less than being an inspiration for many:


Now who doesn’t know Chanel, the brand. Started by Coco Chanel as a part of the fashion revolution, this brand is nowadays one of the most exclusive ones. Chanel had started with the hats making a mark of herself in the industry.


And Prada is a brand that needs no introduction. I mean, what do they don’t have a business in? Fashion and Prada were meant to be and so they are together. Not to forget, the define each other perfectly.


The excellent tailoring and crafting of the dresses always came from her brand. This fashionista made sure that none of the women were devoid of the beautiful cloths that they can were. Her perfection made her a name.


If you are a career woman, then you already know about her beautiful and most perfect collection of career dresses. She managed to garner attention and create style in the formal wears for the best results. Her collection is one that can provide people with luxury and comfort at the same time.


The first designer who saw for what a lifestyle brand is today, Jeanne Lanvin was a trained dressmaker. She brought a revolution in to the world of children wear. Nevertheless, she had some of the most amazing collections that are still cherished even today.


If you remember the grecian dresses then you remember her already, the bias cut was introduced by her. She made it a point to introduce shocks in the fashion industry which later on became an exceptional style statement, nevertheless.


If you wanted to know that who invented your very mini-skirts and the hot pants that help you flaunt so much nowadays, then here is your goddess. She worked hard day and night to bring in a fashion that is going to stay with you forever.


Modern, exclusive and beautiful are three terms that defines her brand of fashion. She had always been one of the most influential designers that one can come across with. Her designs managed to capture the heart of people and also managed to garner enough attention.


If you are to describe fashion in its true revolutionary self, then this is one woman that you can look forward to. The line of fashion that she made for herself is an amazing and inspirational story to follow of course.


If you are talking about sports fashion, then Claire is one person you cannot miss out of the list. This woman did all she could to prove that sports wear were not boring. She gave these the style and the grace that they have today.


She started her place in to the world of fashion with her fashion stint with the choir girls. Very fast she moved on to the sports wears and contributed to the designing of the same. from choosing the unique fabrics to ensuring the design, she did all and more.


The rock-n-roll and Barbara are two synonymous words. Her work on the flappy pants, and the beautiful and elaborate hats she created made a stir and created necessary attention that she needed. There is no doubt in the fact that her choice of fashion definitely made sense.


And she received the very prestigious and unique Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award in the very year of 2008.The elegant and sophisticated designs she works on are great on their own. These are magnificent and beautiful from all possible ways.


The soft dresses and the summer style defined her completely. She worked on the sweaters as well and earned herself the name of Queen of Knits. Her label of cloths work for almost everyone and it had managed to and still do impress a lot of people.


If you wanted to know that from where your mother gets those Japan and Western combined fashion, then probably she bought from Rei. She had brought in a revolution in the world of fashion with ger sense of fashion and she has always been one of the most loved in the fashion industry.


Punk is your style? Then you know whom to thank! Yes, with the Westwood brand of fashion, you can really ensure that you have the best of the punk fashion. May these be the plaid pants, or the sky-high platform shoes, we all have to thank her because she made them this fashionable.


Ooh she reminds people of the Hollywood. If not for her, then the drama in the gowns would be missing. The Hollywood style gowns that she made was apple of the eye for so many people. Of course, these gowns were complete fashion statements.


Aah! The best bridal wears and the tuxedos come from her. She has some of the best designs to provide the people with. Of course, one must understand that the Vera Wang collection is one of the most worn by the celebrities. The lovely collection from her brand is one of a kind that you cannot avoid.


DVF the brand is one of the best that people can find. And why not? After all, Diane worked with the many obstacles coming her way continuously. This brand has such a name because of the always changing and fresh designs that they offer the people with.


Dresses were her forte. She had an exceptional taste in the gowns and the floor length dresses. Her dresses were made with different and exceptional styling and details to take care of. Of course, the dresses were mostly in wrap styles.


She was the very first of the female couturiers. She had an impeccable taste in fashion. Her 18th century inspired pastel evening dress is one of a kind that cannot be not loved. Ger fashion parades were fun to watch.

These are most definitely some of the best brands that will take your breathe away once you try them.

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