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Katrina Kaif’s Fitness Journey Unveiled!



Katrina Kaif’s Fitness Journey Unveiled!

If you have followed Katrina Kaif just for her acting, then you might go wrong because she is a lot more than just an actress and model. Katrina has turned 35 but still, she looks like in her 20s. She has managed to keep herself well-maintained in all these years. When most of the models and actresses are taking help of surgeries to get a toned body, Katrina is seen to achieve it by doing regular workout and gym sessions for her fitness.

She is one of the fittest and healthy actresses in Bollywood at present. Her toned body shape proves her love for her health and fitness.  Earlier, Katrina only used to do Yoga and weight training to keep her body healthy. Yasmin is Katrina’s weight loss gym trainer from a long time, and she has added pilates and functional training to her fitness routine. Katrina workout for one to three hours every day. You may also be interested to read this one

Know about Diet Plan of Katrina 

Food is vital when you want to lose your weight, and that’s why you should know about the diet plan of Katrina. Her diet mostly includes fruits and boiled vegetables, which she eats every two hours. She doesn’t eat food filled with carbohydrates but prefers eating fibre foods. She drinks lots of water in a day, which keeps her hydrated well. Her strict diet makes her stay in such a fabulous body shape. She eats oatmeals and cereals in the morning while she eats brown bread and grilled fish for lunch. In the evening, she eats brown bread with peanut butter. For dinner, she prefers simple food, which includes chapatti, soup, fish and veggies. 

Food definitely plays a significant role in improving one’s body shape. Her trainer said that complex carbs, fibre, protein along with healthy fats are essential for a person to stay healthy and fit. The food which used to add fat in her body was cut out by her trainer and she added foods which give her more nourishment and energy now.

Ultimate workout of Katrina

A healthy and tasty body can’t be achieved just by sitting and sleeping all the time. You have to get work and work hard with full dedication to stay in shape. At present, Katrina does pilates, which strengthens her core and makes her spine flexible. Her daily routine or workout consists of cardio, pilates, functional training which are improved with exercises by using Powerplate, Medicine, Bosu, Swiss balls and TRX. Katrina doesn’t work out just for the movies but she wants her body to be healthy. 

She doesn’t shy to do anything which challenges her. Whenever her Trainer plans fitness workout for Katrina, she does with all her dedication. She hasn’t got that abs magically, but she has worked hard for it. New challenges are accepted by Katrina when it comes to workout. If anyone will do the same thing again and again, then it is obvious to get bored and that’s why her trainer makes sure that Katrina doesn’t get bored. There are different variations in her workout regime, which include swimming, cycling, walking, running, gym, football, hiking, pilates, and yoga. Don’t get surprised if you didn’t think about all these efforts made by Katrina. 

Major five mantras by Katrina’s Trainer 

If Katrina can stay in shape, then the credit goes to her dedication, but efforts of her trainer are worth mentioning. The primary five mantras of her trainer are that one should keep moving all day, hydration, working on improving strength, attitude, and eating smartly. These days, people don’t even want to get up for drinking water, and one should never do that. Not only one has to focus on reducing weight, but it will be better if you will focus on improving your strength. The triceps dips and squats can also be done when you are watching TV. 

Always stay hydrated to stay in shape because a thirsty person can’t do any work properly. The people who feel like thirsty all the time are dehydrated, and they need to drink water again and again. Eating smart food is important if you want to lose weight faster. The low-fat food with lots of protein can be bliss for a healthy person. Finally, your attitude is the one thing which can make you stay positive all the time. It is necessary that you do regular training to see results. Making less or half efforts won’t do any good to you and your body.

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