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Latest fashion trends for men in the year 2019

new fashion trends

Fashion Trends

Latest fashion trends for men in the year 2019

latest fashion trends in india

Latest fashion trends for men in the year 2019

You’ll find many plain tees, dark wash types of denim, hoodies and many other plain simple stuff in a guy’s wardrobe. But with the latest fashion trends of the year 2019, add a little uniqueness to your wardrobe. Many men turn to Pinterest for inspiration for their outfits and get to know about the latest fashion trends for men. Usually, guys don’t really care much about the men’s fashion or the clothes that they are wearing and most men prefer buying only the classic pieces of clothing that never go out of fashion and less likely to follow the trends or fads. But still, men’s fashion is growing by the day and men tend to follow the latest trends these days.

The Men’s fashion space has been growing by the day and here we have a list of the latest fashion trends for men in 2019 that are worth trying out this year:

Washed Denim

Denim is without a doubt a classic fashion item as well as a menswear staple that can never go out of fashion and is here to stay as a fashion trend this year as well. Instead of going for the common darker wash denim, men are now switching up to the lighter wash types of denim this year, and even mid-wash types of denim. Be it lighter or darker, types of denim are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that go with everything.

Sling Bags

Most men on a daily basis prefer to take backpacks or totes when going out. Hands-free bags or the sling bags are currently trending this year. The sling bags are fashionable as well as practical both at the same time. Whether you’ll like to sling it to the front or sling it to the back is your choice. But the sling is a good idea.

Vintage Watches

Regardless of gender, Vintage watches are classic and look chic. The vintage watches have finally made a comeback this year. Some of the statement brands include Rolex, Chopard and such. Watches can never go out of style and most men wear watches as a rule.

Mismatched Prints

Mix matched prints are basically combining one bold print with another. This summer/spring trend is likely to stay for at least a season. The Men’s fashion sphere is growing with new trendy options to explore and experiment with. Keeping this in mind, the mismatched prints trend came in. The trend looks impressive and it is for those who enjoy trying out new fashion trends.

Cropped Trousers

The Cropped trousers became the women’s fashion trend last year and this year, it is becoming a men’s fashion trend as well. The cropped trousers show a little of the ankles. You can wear cropped trousers along with cool socks and sneakers. The trousers give a classy kind of look and are a must-have for this season.

Neck Scarves

Wearing Neck scarves is an underrated way to stay warm during the winters. Neck scarves look nice and dudes can find many beautiful designs as well. Although the trend is famous for both men and women. Try to experiment with different scarves.

Plaid Pants

The Plaid pants have made a statement this year and are one of the most sought after pieces of clothing for man fashion trends 2019. The subtle looking pants come in a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

All White

An all-white look is a trendy summer look that only some men are able to pull off perfectly. All-white makes you keep cool during the hot summertime. You can try a crisp white T-shirt with chino shorts and leather sneakers. You can even wear a nice looking over shirt on top of it if it looks good.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are the trend of the season right now be it for men or women. It is an interesting choice to wear pastel shades whether it is for a casual outing, weddings or any other place. Pink is a colour that honestly looks good on men and the way you style it matters. You can try a pink button-down or a pink sweatshirt.

Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripes are in trend right now when it comes to men’s fashion. It gives a great look and is simple to wear. Vertical stripes basically make a person look taller and slimmer at the same time. Hence a person with a broad figure should wear vertical stripes. You can choose from various styles that come with stripes of varying widths. You can even wear simple classic stripes if you like to have a subtle look.

Short Shorts

Shorts are basically the staples of both men and women’s wardrobe. Most men prefer the hem of the shorts to fall just above their knees. But, these days short shorts are in the trend for the summers. Short shorts give a casual look and look absolutely cool on guys.


The appeal of leather never goes out of fashion. The rugged look of leather clothing continues to be a trend of the winters. And has been in trend since more than a decade now. A drawback is that leather clothing is expensive and may get damaged if not taken care of properly. You can try a leather bomber jacket that although is expensive but will last a lifetime. You should add at least one leather jacket to your winter wardrobe collection.


For the winter season, the perfect checks are Windowpane, Madras and tartan. The best is a bold and bright look. At least one or more checks should find a place in a guy’s wardrobe. Checks have never been out of fashion and they keep coming in new styles and designs. You can flannel shirts or checked suits too.

Quilted Jackets

Looks like the quilted jackets are back in the trend this year with even more bigger and brighter designs. Quilted jackets are among the warmest jackets for the winters. It is practical and offers longevity. Navy and black colours are most sought after for the quilted jackets. They keep you cosy and looks absolutely stylish.

Camo wear

Camo has been in men’s fashion space for a long time now and it is now more than just a trend and now feels more like a staple in their wardrobe. It is a cool and comfortable wear item. You can try out a camo quilted jacket or cargo pants or simple camo T-shirt.

Rugged Boots

Rugged boots are also trending this year. There are many ways to pair your rugged boots with your outfits. These are not only used as hiking boots these days. Wear your rugged boots along with slim-cut chinos and blazers for a formal look. Or you can wear it with your jeans and cords for a casual look.

Statement Sneakers

Statement sneakers are basically the trend of this year and it looks like it is here to stay for a while. For some men, its a dad sneak while others find it cool. These shoes come in many colours and cool designs. You can wear it simple white sneakers or a mix of colours. These go amazingly well for a casual look. You can wear these sneakers with dark types of denim and crisp t-shirts or wear chinos and a good looking sweater with it, latest fashion trends in india.

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