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Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Braided Hairstyles to notch up your hair game!

Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Braided Hairstyles to notch up your hair game!

Braids make for the most varied and pretty hairstyles. You can make them as simple and as complicated as you want, and they always look splendid no matter what. Know how to rock a different type of braid every day! Just about any kind of braid can instantly amp up not just your hair game but also can make you sultry. But if you thought most braided hairstyles were just too complicated, then you couldn’t be more wrong. We give you some gorgeous braided hairstyles to try that are so easy! Some of them are so cute, some flirty and some look deceptively intricate.Also check out this one

Go for braided double Dutch style

If someone wants to get this hairstyle, then she would need to get practiced to this hairstyle. It is an amazing way to beat the heat in summers and it would also look awesome. You will look beautiful and cute after wearing this hairstyle. It is really simple hairstyle when you achieve to keep making two braids from the top of your head till your neck and then you can leave rest of the hairs in a ponytail. It can be known as one of the most unique braid styles which you can carry around.

Braided double dutch style

Floral braided hairstyles

Have you ever tried to add flowers in your braid hairstyle? If no, then you can try this look in this summer and it is going to make you look gorgeous. You can add some flowers of pink, white and red colors to give out perfect summer vibes. Whether it is your outfit or it is your hairstyles, the addition of flowers can definitely make it look fantastic. If you want to get a floral look, then nothing can be better than going for this floral braid hairstyle. You can also ask your friend to attach flowers in your braid.

Floral braided hairstyle

Choose braided hairstyles in ponytail

If you love to make ponytails and also are interested in braids, then you can choose the fishtail braided hairstyle. It is a perfect summer hairstyle as it would tuck some of your hairs in the braid and rest of them can be tied in the ponytail. You can wear this hairstyle on any occasion. Whether you are going on a festive occasion or you are going to the office, this hairstyle would look amazing on every attire and you won’t regret going for it ever. It would be really easy for you to make this hairstyle as there are a lot of tutorials about it.

Braided ponytail

Beautiful waterfall braided hairstyles

There are a lot of girls who prefer waterfall braids during summers because it definitely enhances their looks. You can definitely choose this hairstyle if you want to get this beautiful look. The half up styled hairstyle can make you look absolutely gorgeous and that’s why you need to go with this cute hairstyle in this summer season. Make sure that you always carry a comb along with you as can be helpful whenever your hairs get messy. You can also use the hair sprays to keep the braids in the neat form to avoid any messy look of it.

Beautiful waterfall braids

Apart from braided hairstyles,these are the new hairstyles that you can opt for in 2019

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