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List Of Beauty Items That You Must Have In Your Handbag

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List Of Beauty Items That You Must Have In Your Handbag

List Of Beauty Items That You Must Have In Your Handbag

Whatever you do with your days, there are certain items that every woman should have in her purse when she leaves the house. These items can save you from nightmare embarrassment as well as provide skincare and quick touch-ups. Here’s a list of 6 beauty products in your handbag at all times to ensure you’re fully prepared for whatever comes your way.


Chapstick has been a staple beauty product for women for generations, and you probably had it in your first purse as a child. Lips are delicate skin that can dry out, crack, and peel. As a result, it’s critical to keep your favourite balm in your purse at all times to avoid flaky, dry lips. Lip balm is a year-round necessity in your purse, even though winter weather is the harshest on our skin. Some chapsticks also have SPF in them so keep your options open.

Hand Sanitizer

We may be blissfully unaware of the health risks posed by millions of germs around us while out shopping, commuting to work, or even using our phones. Carrying a hand sanitizer in your handbag is the most effective way to protect oneself from germs. Especially if you do not have immediate access to water.

Hand Cream

One of the quickest indicators of your true age is the appearance of your hands. It’s critical to make a habit of applying hand cream throughout the day to keep this area from becoming dry and ashen. Many great lotions also work as perfumes, so you should apply them all the way up to your wrists.

Pressed Powder

Unlike foundation, pressed powder is one of the most portable makeup options. A small powder compact can be opened and applied discreetly while riding the subway, in a taxi, or even while briskly walking. Pressed powder can make a huge difference in evening out your skin tone, covering blemishes, and absorbing oil while using very little product. Plus, unlike liquid foundation, you won’t have to worry about it spilling inside your bag.


Smelling good is the most effective way to improve mood and confidence. A spritz of good perfume can completely transform your day, and women will go to great lengths to ensure their scent is noticed. Carrying a roll-on or mini bottle of your favourite scent in your handbag with you all day is the best way to ensure you smell divine.


The comb is a must-have in every woman’s handbag because it keeps her hair tangle-free and in place. If your hair is unruly, no amount of makeup will help. Let’s be honest our hair never stays the same throughout the day, so keeping a hairbrush handy will help you fix it in case you need it.

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