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Lose weight after pregnancy naturally – By an expert

Lose weight after pregnancy naturally - By an expert


Lose weight after pregnancy naturally – By an expert

Lose weight after pregnancy naturally – By an expert

Know how to lose weight after pregnancy naturally. Motherhood is a complicated time for young mothers. She is divided between the immense joy of being a mother, the fatigue resulting from sleepless nights and the extra pounds. After pregnancy, every woman often wonders if she will ever regain her figure and shape. Could I fit into my favorite jeans again? Will my favorite dress always fit perfectly?

If you are a new mom and you are asking yourself these questions, don’t worry! We reached out to Shivani Sikri, Nutri4Verve’s chief nutritionist to find out how to lose extra pounds after childbirth naturally and here’s what she had to say :

Lose weight after pregnancy naturally – By an expert

1. Don’t rush to lose weight

Lose weight after pregnancy naturally - By an expert

Your baby starts crying as soon as you fall asleep and can’t take it anymore. You are already exhausted, but your baby is still hungry. It could be low hormone levels, lack of sleep, forced delivery, episiotomy, caesarean section, blood loss during pregnancy, etc. During your first few days after giving birth, there is nothing you can do about it and it can actually take several weeks. Hence, it is vital to understand that your body still needs to recover from childbirth. Once you feel better, you can review your diet and possibly consider a healthy diet.

2. Gradually decrease the quantities

Like all women, you have certainly developed a habit of eating more during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You ate for two, as the popular saying goes. And it was also necessary! But now is the time to review the downward quantities. Eat the food you ate before pregnancy entered your life. Focus on healthy foods to support breastfeeding.

3. Relax

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• In the weeks after giving birth, you may not be in great shape. So, even if you start a diet after pregnancy, don’t go below 1500-1800 kcal / day. Remember that you feed your little one too! It is advisable to start any “diet” only 60 days after giving birth. Don’t rush to lose a lot on the scale as it can take up to six months to get back to your desired shape and you are fine.

• Also, do not eliminate any food, but eat less fat and sugar while still enjoying fruits and vegetables, starches, meat and fish, dairy products and legumes! Also take walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds soaked overnight.

• During the first two months of your diet, eat plenty of fish or seafood, preferably fat, which provide the fatty acids needed to stimulate liver emptying and allow for the breakdown of new and “old” fats.

• Eat a bowl of starchy foods per meal – quinoa, whole wheat roti, fat-free brown rice, and combine them with cooked vegetables. Starches, generating the production of serotonin, are essential to avoid the craving for sweets, fight fatigue and improve slow and deep sleep.

• Forbid certain combinations: starch and fat (wheat and oil), starch and starch (bread and pasta), protein and sugar (chicken / meat / egg with prunes). They delay assimilation.

• Drink enough water and fluids. To stay hydrated, you need to drink in small sips throughout the day. If you wait until you’re thirsty, it’s too late, you’re already dehydrated The amount of water is not required when losing weight. You can drink water (preferably natural), herbal teas, coffee (not too much because it can interfere with sleep) and green tea.

4. Get moving

Lose weight after pregnancy naturally - By an expert

Physical activity is essential when you want to regain control of your body, especially after pregnancy. Now you have to do some sport even if you have never been. Why? Because sport allows you to fight stress and avoids being tempted to compensate with dessert. Contrary to popular beliefs like “I’m so tired I don’t have enough energy to jog”, know that by doing sports, you will regain tone because physical activity helps fight fatigue.

If you don’t feel like going to the pool or gym, you can take a brisk walk by having your little one stroll in a stroller at the park. It is enough to slightly increase the heart rate. You can simply find videos of yoga exercises, stretches, pilates, relaxation, crunches, etc. on YouTube and practice while your child takes a nap. In the evening, practice breathing exercises to combat stress and prepare for falling asleep. Expert supervision is always required!

We hope you liked our article on how to Lose weight after pregnancy naturally – By an expert

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