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Makeup Tips To Contour Your Face Correctly

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Makeup Tips To Contour Your Face Correctly

Makeup Tips To Contour Your Face Correctly

When it’s time to dress up in makeup, you’ll want to make sure your foundation looks as flawless as possible. While basic makeup can be something as simple as a tinted moisturizer, if you want a really professional look, contour makeup is something you can’t skip. For example, contour makeup can complement and enhance every face shape, and there are many other benefits that contour makeup can offer. In fact, the world of contour makeup is a huge and wonderful world.

1. What does facial contour makeup do?

2. What products should be used to sculpt the face?

3. What are the best tools for mixing contour products?

4. Should contour makeup be done before or after the foundation?

5. What are the benefits of contouring?

6. The best way to define oval face shapes

7. Round face shapes can get a more intense effect.

8. Square face shapes can take on smoother facial features.

9. The correct way to identify heart-shaped faces

10. Shorten the appearance of a rectangular face

What does facial contour makeup do?

Contour makeup can help improve facial bone structure and create depth. Contour takes advantage of shading and highlighting to define and shape your features in the most flattering way. It also helps the foundation look more like skin and helps it look more toned.

Tip: Adding a contour shade to your hairline will help your foundation look perfect.

What products should be used to sculpt the face?

To define your face, it is best to invest in a contour palette. Contour palettes can be in cream or powder formulations and typically offer a distinct shade with a darker brown contour shade. Contour sticks are also a great option because they allow you to strategically apply contour pigments along with your facial features.

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Tip: The contour tone should be two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

What are the best tools for mixing contour products?

A brush is best for applying and then blending into your contour products smoothly, but you can also use a beauty blender to blend your contour pigment once applied. If you like, you can first apply the contour products with a brush, smudge it a bit, and then use a wet beauty blender for an extra smooth effect.

Tip: Contour the chin a bit to make it appear smaller.

Should contour makeup be done before or after foundation?

Contour makeup should always be done after foundation. This will ensure that your skin tone improves with foundation first so you can understand what the contour tone will look like on your skin. Contouring after foundation also helps accentuate bone structure and will not cause the foundation to fall apart.

Tip: Always set your contour after applying your makeup with a setting spray.

What are the Benefits of Contouring?

Contour makeup helps highlight your makeup in photos. It is also a necessary factor for professional photography, as the camera captures everything. Contouring will add dimension to your face in photos and won’t make it look like you’ve used a lot of foundation. The outline can give a natural effect to your photos.

Tip: Contouring also helps reduce the volume of your features and enhance them.

The best Way to Define Oval Face Shapes

An oval face shape generally doesn’t require a lot of contouring, because it’s really symmetrical. You can blend a contour shade under your cheekbones and on both sides of the bridge of your nose to create a bold look.

Tip: Also apply the outline of the hairline so that the foundation is smooth.

Round face Shapes can get a more Intense Effect

The round face is very young and can appear plump. The key here is to narrow it down a bit. Contour below the cheekbones and on each side of the jawline to slim the face and make it appear more angular. You can also contour the nose.

Tip: add some contour to both sides of the forehead as well.

Square Face Shapes can Create Smoother facial Features

Square face shapes are more spacious and angular. The idea here is to soften this angular face shape with contour. Start at the temples and then go under the cheekbones, and finally connect to the jawline. Mix well and add blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Tip: Avoid lining the chin area.

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