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Monsoon Style Tips to Amp Up Your Fashion Game This Season

Monsoon Style Tips


Monsoon Style Tips to Amp Up Your Fashion Game This Season

Monsoon Style Tips to Amp Up Your Fashion Game This Season

The monsoons have already arrived in several places, and it can be a real headache to dress for the rainy season. Many tend to stow away their bright, colourful clothes during this time. But guys, you don’t have to match what you wear with the dark and stormy skies! With our style guide, you can have a fashion parade daily during the monsoons. 

So, without further ado, here are 10 monsoon style tips that will have you sorted this season

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Monsoon brings along the much -needed respite from the heat, but the season also throws a challenge at you when it comes to dressing up.

One always wants to look stylish but to ruin your shoes and clothes in the wet weather is not an option.

1. Wear light clothes

One should wear light and breathable fabrics like cotton.

Synthetic clothes should be avoided.

A stylish raincoat or trench coat is a must to turn heads this monsoon. You can also add to gum- boots in vibrant colours to look stylish. More from around the web

2. Go short

You can also wear shorts, skirts and dresses that are the most convenient to carry in monsoon.

Moreover, you can also team up quirky accessories with your short dresses.

It adds more life to your style statement and looks more practical.

Try flowery prints this weather, which will also add more dazzle to your wardrobe on rainy days.

3. Play with colours

Go for dark colours as rain marks tend to show on light colours.

It also works well to uplift one’s mood and personality.

For this monsoon, you can be stylish yet comfortable by wearing playsuits, as they are easy to go, breathable and convenient.

Colours like splendid pink, blue, orange and yellow are a perfect pick when combined with neutrals.

4. Opt for nylon bags

Keeping everything safe yet flaunt your style this monsoon by opting for nylon and transparent bags. This will keep all your valuables secure and dry when it rains.

Moreover, it will be handier along with prepping up your style game.

5. Vibrant feet!

Fashion expert and brand influencer, Bandana Sondhi said, ‘When it comes to footwear, wear vibrant flip flops and sandals.

‘Light comfortable flip flops and jelly flats save you from the unpredictable puddles and muddy streets. They can be worn easily with almost any outfit.’

6. Skincare

In the rainy season, skin care is very essential. It’s beneficial to stay hydrated and saturate your skin simultaneously.

When it comes to makeup, light and natural looks are ideal to prevent your skin from getting sticky.

‘Get your hands on gel-based foundations and concealers as they will make your face look hydrated and even-toned.

‘Opt for light shades in matte lipsticks and not very dark ones because it may leave marks during the downpour. Waterproof varieties are also a must,’ added Bandana.

7. Don’t forget your umbrella

Last but not least, a nice and vibrant collection of umbrellas is a must-have in monsoon.

The miniature and foldable varieties can be put in your bag easily as they are very compact.

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