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Oil massage in babies: Benefits, When to Start

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Oil massage in babies: Benefits, When to Start

Massage in infants has initially introduced long ago. The benefits of touch and massage therapy are now based on a great deal of evidence. A review suggested that massage has several beneficial effects in the form of weight gain, better sleep-wake pattern, more development of neuromotor, emotional bonding, lower rates of nosocomial infection in neonates and premature infants.

Because of the treatment, the oil treatment advantages for the newborn are those related to oil application and those related to tactile-kinesthetic stimulation. The topical application of oil has been shown to enhance the role of the skin barrier, thermoregulation, and is also suggested to have a positive effect on development. Topical use of oil has been shown to improve the function of the skin barrier, thermoregulation and it is also suggested to have a positive impact on development.

The procedure of the mother’s or the caregiver’s massage with oils was well studied with the mothers doing better work using oils like Coconut oil and safflower oil boosts weight gain. The transcutaneous uptake of oil also increases triglyceride levels. Increased vagal activity is believed to assist in gaining weight. Gastric motility, insulin-like growth factor levels resulting from moderate massage pressure play a role in weight gain.

The popular procedure includes moderate pressure stroking that induces tactile stimulation and flexion and upper and lower extremities extension. Constitute kinesthetic stimulation with variable 10 and 15 min sessions
Massaging with oil by better thermoregulation improves weight gain. One possible mechanism is also transcutaneous absorption. Simple olive oil, Non-hydrogenated has saturated fat at 92 percent. Coconut oils are saturated fats which are called oils and have no cholesterol in them. Coconut oil is a mixture of short-and medium-chain fatty acids, predominantly lauric (44%) and myristic (16.8%) acids. A study compares oil from coconut In contrast to mineral oil and placebo (powder) on growing where massage was performed with either coconut oil, mineral oil, or powder. In this study, the massage of coconut oil has shown a greater weight gain than Mineral Powder and Oil. Those receiving coconut oil massage showed longer gain velocity than the community of powders.

Another research showed the effects of rich-safflower oil from essential fatty acid (EFA) and saturated fat-rich coconut oil on the fatty acid profiles of massaged infants. Triglyceride levels were higher in both oil and controls, but increased in oil relative to control was higher. Fatty acid profiles showed EFAs (linoleic acid) increased And arachidonic acid) in the category of safflower oil and saturated fats in the population of the coconut oil. The treatment with synthetic oil has positive effects too. Natural oils have a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction. It is also shown that oil-massaged neonates displayed less motor activity, less stress behavior, more vagal activity, and a greater decrease in saliva cortisol levels compared to those massaged without oil.

Polar triglyceride and nonpolar mineral oil have been discovered to be used as emollients. Oils are thought to be providing moisturization. Glycerides Oils such as sunflower or soybean oil may have direct interaction with proteins, which may in turn help to reduce irritation caused by surfactants. The trioleate glycerol, a major component of sunflower oil, was found in Bind corneum proteins to a stratum and increase their flexibility far more than mineral oil
The use of natural oils as part of neonatal skincare is preferred and used all over the world. Oil massage is a safe and scientifically established process that benefits not only the skin but also the baby’s growth and bonding. But inappropriate It may be damaging to technics or oil. It is, therefore, preferable to educate the caregiver mother in proper technique and use either coconut oil or sunflower oil.

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