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Patiala Salwar Suits – 6 Stylish And Trendy Collection


Patiala Salwar Suits – 6 Stylish And Trendy Collection

Patiala Salwar Suits – 6 Stylish And Trendy Collection

The rise of Patiala Salwar Suits in our fashion vocabulary can be attributed to Bollywood movies. Some of the most famous characters from these films have donned the Patiala costume. For example, Anushka Sharma in the song ‘Ainvayi’, wore a blue kurta and red brocade pants.

Kareena Kapoor as Geet in Jab We Met also made her famous Patiala jumpsuit with fuchsia kurta, mint green pants, and an orange dupatta ensemble. Even Kangana Ranaut, in her ultra-short orange kurta and pink mirror pleated pants, made the Patiala outfit so classy.

Although Patiala suits originate from Punjab, they intrigued most Indian women because it is only comfortable but easy to wear as well. They are not only stylish but also highly functional, making them a must-have for everyday or festive occasions. Patiala Salwar Suits can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can be tailored according to the individual’s aesthetic.

However, Patiala costumes in pop culture were mostly traditional, and that is no longer the case. Here are some fun iterations of the Patiala Salwar Suits that graced Instagram and deserve a place in our modern and ethnic wardrobes.

1. Sleeveless Skirt

2. Angrakha Patiala Style

3. Patiala Relaxed Fit

4. Patiala with a Crop Top

5. Patiala Pants with Sarees

6. Frequently Asked Questions about the Use of Patiala Suits

Sleeveless Patiala

Traditionally, patialas come with elbow-length or short sleeves and a deep neckline. However, modern Patiala suits are modified to meet the wardrobe needs of women in the new age. Sleeveless versions of the dress, which are preferred by younger women, have become an important variety.

Noodle straps or bralette straps are also available if anyone is willing to give it a try. When it comes to sleeveless Patiala suits, there is an increase in styles that can be worn without the dupatta. These are made from soft, flowing contemporary fabrics and are usually embellished with mirrors, fringe, pearls, or trumpets.

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Tips: These outfits can be worn in intimate and discreet weddings that are normalized thanks to the closure. It can be dressed up dramatically for a more festive look or paired with a simple pair of earrings or with an elegant necklace. Jutti is still the best shoe option. However, if you want to experiment, you can try wearing this trendy Patiala with a flat-shaped sleeper that is all the rage right now.

AngRakha Patiala Style

Patialas have always been injected into the Mughal style of Kurtas – Angrakha. However, they are usually longer and have an A-line silhouette. Contemporary versions of the anghrakha have been cropped. Like the ones we see here, it also comes in a variety of peplum that looks more like shirts and less like traditional kurtas or jackets.

Tips: Try this style of Patiala suit for a casual mehndi party or pool party, especially a destination wedding. The style is windy, comfortable, and hands-free. If you opt for a peplum cut, it is best to keep the sleeves longer than the length of the kurta, as seen in Sarah Ali Khan’s outfit. Pair it with your favorite pair of pastel-colored juttis (we’re looking at Needledust) and accessorize with silver jewelry.

Relaxing Fit Patiala

These styles have Patiala or Semi Patiala (fewer pleats than original) but contemporary kurtas. Unlike traditional designs, it doesn’t sing and actually provides a comfortable fit. Some designs like Soha Ali Khan designs come with pockets making them an absolute necessity as they can be worn for everyday use.

Tips: Pair with Kolhapuri flats or pointed Mary Janes. Since these are best for casual wear, wear chunky silver jewelry in your ears.

Relaxed fits can also be seen in some of the traditional silhouettes like the one seen here on Shanaya Kapoor. They are perfect to wear for small occasions like family gatherings and intimate celebrations.

Patiala with a Crop Top

Patiala preset pants are a great fashion option for modern traditionalists. They come with short tops that can be adjusted or lounged, and in some cases, they come with hoods. These are both bohemian and chic and perfect for wearing where the dress code calls for something casual.

Tips: Like the peplum versions, they are also perfect for pool parties and laid-back mehndi events. Since it’s a bohemian look, accessorize with tribal-inspired jewelry or chunky gold jewelry (brands like Misho and Studio Metallurgy offer great options). We suggest elegant pumps to finish off the look.

Patiala Pants with Saree

The most original Patiala clothing on the list is this saree version. Eliminate the need to wear a petticoat by alternating it with Patiala pants or dhotis which can be used to fold the saree and keep it in place. This is a contemporary way of wearing not only a saree but also a Patiala. Wear a cropped top or an organza top like Hina Khan here on top. This outfit is guaranteed to get you your second look.

Tips: A fun wedding that doesn’t have any dress code restrictions is a great place to try this style. Complement with boho jewelry and choose the heels you wear on your feet.

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