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Have you heard the full forms of these Popular makeup brands?


Have you heard the full forms of these Popular makeup brands?

Have you heard the full forms of these Popular makeup brands?

Since we all are currently in quarantine, we have an exciting Beauty Game for you all. All you have to do is call your best friend and ask her the full forms of all of her favorite makeup brands, such as M.A.C Cosmetics. Did you yourself know the full form? No, I guess. Hence this is a new game for you as well.

You may be a pro when it comes to applying makeup or using a particular product but you may not know much about the names of some of the makeup brands.

Popular Makeup Brands and their Acronyms:

We are guessing all of you have heard of a M.A.C lipstick or the others from drugstore brand NYX Cosmetics. But have you ever heard of their full forms? Here is a list of some of the famous makeup & beauty brands that you may have heard about but didn’t know that they were short for something.

1. M.A.C

M.A.C Cosmetics had earlier been started as a ‘professional’ makeup line specifically for the stage shows and plays. But, with time and due to its amazing quality, colour and the shade range, it has become a hit amongst a large number of women. So, it will not come as a surprise to you that the MAC Cosmetics is actually a short form for “Makeup Art Cosmetics”. I’m sure you didn’t know that. 

2. GHD

GHD is short for Good Hair Day. Well, this is an easy one but I’m sure many of us haven’t been able to guess it. The GHD is widely known for its hair tools all over the world because of its amazing quality. These products definitely work to give you a good hair day.

3. e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f Cosmetics are known to be very affordable. Although it is not currently available in India still it is one of the most popular makeup brands there are. It offers superb quality at affordable prices. The full form of e.l.f. is eyes,  lips, and face and offers products that you can use on your eyes, lips, and face. So simple!

4. Ciaté London

Ciaté London is an innovative global brand that came out with the glitter flip liquid lipsticks. It is a fancy makeup brand that is actually short for “Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend, and Extraordinary.” That’s quite a big label.


NUXE is a famous French brand and it is not just an acronym but a combination of words – natural and luxury. This does sound so perfect.

6. O.P.I

If you’ve ever got a manicure done, then you may have heard of a boujee gel manicure. There is definitely a chance that your salon uses O.P.I nail polishes. It is a nice brand and its name is actually short for Odontorium Products Inc. This name is surprisingly not related to makeup or cosmetics at all.

This is because the brand was originally aimed at the dental supply industry until Suzi Weiss-Fischmann came on its board. 

7. SK-II

SK-II is short for Secret Key II. The unique name of the brand was discovered when the founders had noticed the hands of the old-age workers were so soft and looked young. The ingredient of the sake brewery was the reason behind that. As a result, the founders patented it and incorporated in into SK-II’s formulas.

8. NYX

It is funny that the name NYX is not an abbreviation but just the name of the Greek goddess of the night.

I’m sure you didn’t know any of these full forms. So take a quiz and ask your best friend if she knows any of these names.

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