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Fashion: Preventative Measures Designers Are Taking Amid Omicron Spread


Fashion: Preventative Measures Designers Are Taking Amid Omicron Spread

Fashion: Preventative Measures Designers Are Taking Amid Omicron Spread

In the wake of the spread of Omicron, a variant of the Coronavirus, new restrictions, and curfews have been foisted state-wise. While it’s not a lockdown situation yet, with more people falling sick and temperatures dropping, more industries are opting for work from home policies, the fashion industry was one of the most impacted when during the first and second lockdowns with many designers shutting their shops, karigars not getting paid and more.

This time, things are different and the designers are better prepared. Here’s a summary of who did what as a precaution:

The famous Bollywood designer, Manish Malhotra was quick to follow. The designer’s label on Instagram announced that visits to the store are only possible with prior appointments, as a precaution to face the increase in cases.

Creative designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee was one of the first to use his Instagram account and announced that stores across the country will only be available on limited dates with advance reservations.

Sarika Kankaria, founder of Pink City by Sarika, has also made it mandatory for clients to book appointments in advance. Apart from that, Kankaria also mentioned that the team “requested for the vaccination certificate for our clients while giving an appointment. Appointments are always made to avoid having multiple clients in our study at the same time.” Her entire team, including employees and artisans, have been vaccinated and most of the business has moved to the Internet, allowing the team of designers to work from home safely.

Anushree Parekh, founder of Label Anushree also has similar policies in place. Aside from appointment-based store visits, the designer is also “Asking our workshop karigars to come on alternative days for all to avoid overcrowding and to maintain social distancing. We have vaccinated our whole team and are hoping that these precautions and limitations will keep them all safe.” “With current orders in progress, our website, which ships worldwide and with limited operational capacity with everyone’s safety in mind, will be struggling to keep coming back,” She says.

Saloni Panwar, a founder of Gulabo Jaipur, is also better prepared if a lockdown is issued this time. The designer has taken care of herself: “Whether it’s taking care of employees financially or donating care packages to those who need them most, we will take all the necessary steps to take care of ourselves and the people around us. ” Panwar believes that ensuring zero safety is extremely important at this time and she has ensured that her employees are vaccinated, masks are worn in stores, and social distancing rules are followed.

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