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Priyanka Chopra’s Glam Secrets!


Priyanka Chopra’s Glam Secrets!

Priyanka Chopra’s Glam Secrets!

Priyanka Chopra is a renowned name not only in India but around the world. Since an early age, she has only one goal to achieve success in Bollywood and which she certainly got. She became Miss World in 2000 and after that, she got entry to Bollywood. After her series of Superhit movies, she is considered one of the most successful actress. She is well liked by her fans in India and enjoy a huge fan following. Recently she got married to Nick Jonas who is a famous American Singer. At the age of 36, Priyanka stills look so young and you can learn about her various glam secrets in this article.

Recently, Priyanka shared a video with her mother on her social media account to let people know about her secrets. She told various stories about her childhood and how she got such good skin. Due to her glamorous looks and acting skills, she is also quite popular in Hollywood. With the immense success of Quantico and Baywatch, Priyanka is ready to rule the Holywood as well.

Who takes care of Priyanka’s skin?

Priyanka Chopra reveals that all her skin care methods and techniques are advised by her mother. She tells in an interview that every credit goes to her mother who is a doctor. During her childhood, she dreamt to become an actress and wants to enter in Bollywood. From her childhood, her mother used to take care of her skin which she did not understand at that time. But was thankful to her mother for her care. In the interview, she also informed that she still used the beauty tips advised by her mother. Also check out this one

When did she start using skin care products?

In an interview, Priyanka was asked when she started taking care of her skin. She told that during her later teen years she started taking part in pageants. In these beauty contest, you need to use makeup and sometimes it might be too much. But her mother always told her to clean the makeup properly which is their another beauty secret. So in order to protect her skin from any unnecessary damages due to these chemicals, she starts taking care of her skin.

Secrets shared by Priyanka Chopra for her Glamourous Look

Do you want to know some of the glam secrets shared by Priyanka Chopra? If you do then you can take the help of things mentioned in the following points.

  • Cleaning the makeup properly

       One of the most important beauty tips shared by her was to wash the makeup when you do not need them. She told that before going to sleep every night she used to remove every bit of makeup from her face. This is very important for the skin as it needs to relax at night. The makeup might block the skin pores which will not let skin take up enough oxygen to stay hydrated.

  • Using organic coconut oil to clean face

Another beauty tip shared by her was that using organic coconut oil for removing makeup will provide you better results. Instead of washing and rubbing your face which can cause redness in the skin you can use coconut oil which can easily remove the makeup. This is an important beauty tip which can help anyone who faces issues with removing their makeup.

You also need to make sure that you clean your face properly before going to bed. During the night your skin also needs to relax and its skin pore will be able to help you with that.

  • An Indian face mask called Ubtan

      She also told the secret to her flawless skin which is due to a paste called Ubtan. It is a traditional Indian face mask which is known to have beneficial effects. By applying it over your face can help your skin to get the cooling effect and it will stay hydrated. It is a boon for  various types of skin issues and also helps her with sunburn during the shooting of a movie. So you need to make sure that you follow these beauty tips and get a flawless skin.

These are some of the secrets shared by Priyanka herself regarding her beauty. If you also want to get beautiful skin like her then you can follow the things mentioned above. This way you will also have flawless skin without any pimple or acne problems. You should make sure that you follow all these tips and be punctual in using them. This way you can get skin like your favorite movie star.

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