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PUMA India announces Sara Ali Khan as her new campus ambassador



PUMA India announces Sara Ali Khan as her new campus ambassador

PUMA India announces Sara Ali Khan as her new campus ambassador

Sara Ali Khan has stepped into the entertainment world and limelight a few months back. She is an entirely natural and grounded actress who has emerged as an unabashed star kid. The world-class PUMA Brand has selected her as the new face of the company. She has been working with the brand for almost two years. She has done debut in Bollywood with her movie, Kedarnath in which she showed her fantastic acting skills. She has been able to find a special place in the hearts of the younger audience. 

The credit goes to her goofy personality and relatable character. Her association with the new sports brand started with unconventional activation of the brand on the streets of Mumbai. She posted a picture with a wall written, ‘STRONG IS THE NEW PRETTY. FIERCE IS THE NEW FAB. The Do You is another campaign of the PUMA brand but it was actually a movement made to make women challenge themselves. Sara is going to be the face who will lead the PUMA brand in India this year. She believes that people can also stand out without being in the limelight. PUMA is the brand which always tried to encourage women to stay ahead of others and express themselves very well. She is excited to be in the PUMA family. Check out this one  

Highlights of the great news

PUMA brand has partnered with famous actress Sara Ali Khan for a total of two years. They have announced this brand development in India by graffiti activation in Mumbai Streets. In the coming months, Sara is going to be the face of critical products of brand stories like Nova, Defy, and Cali. 

Sara Ali Khan said that ‘When associating with a brand, it is important for me to blend with my personality and lifestyle. I strongly believe that if one has no inhibitions about expressing who they truly are, then they can stand out even without a spotlight. PUMA has always encouraged women to express their individuality, whether in the field of sports or beyond it, and that resonates very well with me. I am super excited to be a part of the PUMA family and am eager to try and take the brand to the next level.’ Check out this one

Views of PUMA Managing director 

Abhishek Ganguly, PUMA’s managing director, said, ‘Sara truly embodies what PUMA stands for – She is brave, fierce, confident and fun, with a strong influence among the youth. These attributes make her a perfect ambassador for the brand. Our women’s category has been in big focus for us, and with Sara now part of the PUMA family, we are confident that we will elevate it to greater heights in the years to come.’

His belief in Sara Ali Khan shows that she can definitely bring transformation in the sales of this brand. She is really confident, and there is no lie in this fact. She can definitely influence Indian youth due to which she is a perfect ambassador for this brand. PUMA can be taken to another level with the presence of this young Bollywood face. 

How can Sara Ali Khan be perfect for PUMA India brand?

In India, most of the youngsters and adults follow bollywood actors and actresses when they consider buying new clothes or shoes. PUMA is already established in India and loved by the youngsters, but there are some gaps which are required to be filled. Sara Ali Khan is one of the most loved young actresses in Bollywood at the present time. It won’t be wrong if someone says that she is the only one who can do this in the best manner. She is down to earth and that’s why she has made a lot of fans who love her immensely. 

Her fans will definitely look forward to wearing clothes and shoes which she supports. So, the chances of PUMA sales in India are going to increase after Sara Ali Khan becomes an ambassador. There will be pictures, videos in which she will promote the brand, and it will contain more creativity. The belief which is shown by PUMA on Sara Ali Khan is true, and she will prove that she is the perfect candidate for this promotion. She might be the daughter of Saif Ali Khan but she has no ego or attitude, which makes other people feel down and that’s the reason she can handle this position in the most appropriate manner.

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