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Benefits of Rice Water for hair health-Easy home remedy

rice water for hair

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Benefits of Rice Water for hair health-Easy home remedy

Benefits of Rice Water for hair health-Easy home remedy

We often tend to overlook the little things, especially when it comes to beauty. We are drawn to glamor, glamor, and smart marketing materials. But what if I tell you that there is a great beauty product in your wardrobe right now?

Using rice water for hair is nothing new. It dates back to the ancient Heian period in Japan, when the ladies of the court were known to have beautiful long hair drapped to the ground. their secret was rice water.

rice water for hair
rice water for hair

Fascinated by this hair treatment, scientists and beauty enthusiasts have tried to find out if rice water for hair can really beautify and strengthen hair. Studies have found that inositol, an ingredient found in rice water, is able to penetrate and repair damaged hair from the inside out. It even protects hair from future damage.

One of the best parts of this beauty product is how easy it is to do. All you need is rice and water. The most “difficult” part of this beauty trend is remembering to t rice water in take the shower and apply it evenly to your hair. But don’t worry, I discovered a great method that you can try.

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How to use rice water for hair,in an efficient way

rice water for hair
rice water for hair

What do you need:

  • 1 cup of rice
  • 1 cup of water

How to do it:

rice water for hair
rice water for hair
  • Rinse and filter the rice water for hair to remove any dirt or impurities that you don’t want sticking to your hair.
  • Mix the strained rice in a medium bowl with water. You must mix until the water becomes very cloudy.
  • Strain the rice and reserve the water this time. Save the rice for later or cook it!
  • Put the rice water for hair in a plastic container and cover it. Leave the rice water at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. This allows it to ferment and release all the delicious vitamins and minerals. Tip: Don’t let it sit for more than 24 hours. I let the first batch of rice water sit for two days (I had forgotten to shower) and it was so bad.
  • Chill the rice water until you are ready to use it.
  • Fill a small container, such as a travel-size shampoo bottle or small jar, with rice water for hair application. Store the rest in the refrigerator.
  • It’s not easy to blindly dump rice water for hair from a large bowl on your hair (I know, I’ve tried it). Don’t forget to take the small container out of the shower and return to the fridge when you’re done!

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Rice water for hair, should be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week, so you have plenty of time to reap the wonderful benefits of hair.

How to use rice water for hair:

You don’t need to change your washing schedule around the rice water for hair rinse, just use it after your shampoo and conditioner, either once a day or once a week.

rice water for hair
rice water for hair

When applying rice water for hair, try to really focus on your scalp and work your way down. Let it act for two to five minutes, then rinse. You may immediately notice how thick and strong your hair is.

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rice water for hair
rice water for hair

This is most of the people`s experience with a rice water for hair rinse.

One minute later : Your hair will really be different. It seems to have some kind of outer layer, or a thin shell, around each strand, which protects your hair as you clean it. Usually your hair breaks when your apply the detangling brush. But this time, your hair will stick.

One day later: The morning after your first rice-water for rinse, your hair looked shiny and frizzy.

After a week (about four washes): Your hair will feel thicker, fuller, and more manageable. you must tried blow drying your hair, which you couldn`t do due to the instant choppy fly away that usually frame your head right after.

rice water for hair
rice water for hair

this time? Little noticeable breakage. your hair will still very fine, but not in a feathery and lighter way, in a more voluminous and noticeable way, as if you had developed a partial mane. you`ll wear hair medium in a bun with a normal ponytail holder (you usually always need to wear strands of cotton to prevent breakage, no exceptions), pulling it effortlessly and letting your hair fall out like you never did, they would have thrown it away.

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