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Shocking News!!!Did Salman Khan break “no kissing” policy for Radhe??

salman khan news


Shocking News!!!Did Salman Khan break “no kissing” policy for Radhe??

Shocking News!!!Did Salman Khan break “no kissing” policy for Radhe??

Did Salman Khan break “no kissing” policy for Radhe? Fans saw a tape on Disha Patani’s mouth: ‘The streak is unbroken’

The trailer for Salman Khan SRadhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai has made a lot of news and has left many fans wondering if the actor has violated a “no kissing” policy that has lasted for more than three decades. Here’s what Internet researchers discovered.

Salman Khan`s eagle-eyed Fans discovered that there is more than meets the eye in a trailer scene as per News for his upcoming film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. The scene apparently includes Salman kissing superstar Disha Patani on his lips. But the actor has a long-standing “no kissing” policy in movies.

salman khan news
salman khan news

After the trailer came out last week, many people questioned whether Salman had finally violated his policy, but some online investigators found that Disha was wearing a piece of tape over her mouth for the scene, which is shown entirely in silhouette in the trailer.

After the shot in question lit up, a fan wrote on Twitter. “This is just a comedy scene from Jaha Disha k Moh mein tape Laga Hua Hai ….. The streak is uninterrupted.” Another fan commented: “Kal hi bola tha Disha k lips pe tape hai, cheat kiss Hai (I told you it was a cheating kiss, Disha’s face was taped) Salman Bhai Nhi kren gy on screen Kiss Qk ek dfa jo bhai ne commitment krdi phr toh woh apne ap ki b nhi sunte (Salman will never kiss on the screen, because he promised to do so). Others questioned whether the Disha character’s mouth tape contained a narrative interpretation. One person speculated that she was “kidnapped”.

Salman Khan on his ‘no kiss’ Policy

salman khan news

In a news interview , Salman Khan said the reason he doesn’t kiss on screen is because he “doesn’t feel comfortable around them at all.” She added: “When we used to watch movies with the family and the kissing scenes came around, everyone looked away. And it was a bit awkward. Even in Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), the intimate scenes weren’t easy. They changed. , but I’m still not comfortable. Movies, I want the family to go see them. The most that happens is I take off my shirt. I may have some naughty jokes in my conversations, but you won’t see a love scene.

Arbaz Khan`s Hilarious Comment

salman khan news

The subject was also covered in an episode of the Kapil Sharma Show, in which Salman and his brother Arbaz participated. When asked by Kapil about feeling uncomfortable in scenes like this, he replied, “Dekho kiss toh main karta nahi screen pe toh mujhe toh koi farak padta nai (look, I don’t kiss anyone on the screen, so I don’t care). “Arbaz said,” Woh itna kar lete hain ki on screen ki on screen zaroorat hi nahi padti (He does this off screen a lot, he never feels the need to appear on screen). “

Radhe is slated to throw a cross-platform film. Salman also finished film shooting Antim: The Final Truth, and he was expected to begin work on Tiger 3, before the second wave of the pandemic.

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