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Lipstick shades to try in 2019 !



Lipstick shades to try in 2019 !

Lipstick shades to try in 2019 !


If you want to get information about the popular lipstick which is trending in 2019 then here is the list of top 10 lipstick shades which you can try for yourself.Read more: Amp up the bold lip look with these sultry shades

1.Hot Red Shade

This is the perfect Matte Shade which looks amazing on everyone who uses it. You can get the perfect matte finish by using this shade of lipstick. This is one of the most trending lipstick shade of 2019 which you can try.

2.Mauve Shade

Try this rose-mauve shade lipstick which will suit perfectly on anyone who wears it. By properly applying this shade of lipstick you will look classy and stylish. You can apply this before going to any party to add shade to your dress.

3.Pastel Shade

Most of the people say that matte lipstick does not suit them. Well, this is one of the suitable product for you where you can try this amazing yet stylish lipstick. It will moisturize your lips which makes them shinier. It is available in a pink shade which is a favorite of every woman.


4.Oxblood Shade

You can wear this dark shade of lipstick which is quite popular in 2019. This dark shade can go with your favorite outfits and enhance your look manifolds.

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