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A tour inside Shahrukh khan house (Mannat)-Unique features of the interior

shahrukh khan house

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A tour inside Shahrukh khan house (Mannat)-Unique features of the interior

A tour inside Shahrukh khan house (Mannat)-Unique features of the interior

Shahrukh khan house Mumbai- interior design

With nearly 100 Bollywood films to his name and nearly 30 years of on-camera experience, SRK is a household name around the world. However, this was not always like that. A simple boy from Delhi who had a big dream in the 80s moved to Mumbai with a plan to reach the top and today he is considered one of the most successful stars in the Hindi film industry. His journey not only earned him many awards, but also one of his most prized possessions, Mannat, the house that first caught his eye while filming his 1997 film Yes Boss. ShahRukh Khan House Mumbai is located in the Bandstand neighborhood of Mumbai, and has always been the subject of fan interest, and today, we are taking you to the much talked about property.

The rich history of Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan House, Mannat

Mannat, a six-story bungalow with multiple bedrooms and living rooms, gym, library and personal lounge, is one of the most expensive residences in Mumbai.

On any given day, you’ll find legions of Khan fans lining up in front of his gleaming doors waiting for the perfect selfie, or catching a glimpse of the Bollywood star, who often flocks to his balcony to greet supporters. Like Khan’s films, the story of his home is aptly cinematic. A grade III villa dating from the 1920s, originally known as Villa Viena. For years, ShahRukh Khan House had been monitored by the Khans, and finally, in 2001, the Bollywood star managed to purchase it to call home.

About Mannat

shahrukh khan house

One of the most famous landmarks in the city today, it was designed by the house’s master, Gauri Khan, along with architect and designer Kaif Faquih, and took almost a decade to complete. “Mannat thrives on all levels, with a unique and distinctive concept on each floor.” Every corner of the house is carefully selected and the end result perfectly blends old-fashioned charm with modern comfort.

Any diehard fan will tell you outside, they are instantly recognizable thanks to the classic white columns and large black door of ShahRukh Khan House. But once inside, the three colors that set the tone of the house are beige, brown and white. You will also discover dark wood floors, plush rugs, and plush leather pieces in many corners of the home. Gauri Khan, who shared a rare sneak peek at his family’s home , revealed: “I don’t like simple spaces, I like things that are warm, eclectic, personal and collectible. My house has been built gradually over years of collecting. The things that I am passionate about. It is imperative that you elaborate. “Something of your own.”

Khan also explained that all members of the family contributed to the creation of his family home. For example, the couple’s daughter, Suhana Khan, added elements of ballet, a dance form that she particularly likes, to her space. Meanwhile, Gauri Khan’s favorite picks include a jade statue of Ganpati and a life-size marble sculpture of Radha-Krishna.

View from above: check out Mannat`s spacious balcony

shahrukh khan house

Gauri Khan’s “happiest place” within Mannat is his balcony, which has been specially designed to protect the family’s privacy while allowing ShahRukh Khan to greet his fans on special days. Khan, in the past, managed to go out for a few minutes at times, including Eid and his birthday. Every now and then, the actor takes his youngest son, Abram Khan, too, making it a double celebration. When khans open their doors to the holidays, they also have fun giving this space a festive makeover. Remember how they lit up his balcony with hundreds of colored lights for Diwali in 2018?

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In Gauri Khan and Shahrukh khan house Walk through the living room

shahrukh khan house

Bold shapes and distinctive pieces are a common feature of Shahrukh khan house, and this is especially evident in his living room. A brick wall displaying his collection of modern art brings a rustic feel to the space, and an antique safe-turned-bar starts an interesting conversation. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring natural light into the room, adding drama to the plum, brown and black couches that sit around a clear glass coffee table. A fan of extreme creations, Gauri Khan chose a pair of black four-foot vases from Paris and a painting of the reclining Subhash Awchat to complete the room. However, the hero of the room is the golden sculpture of Ravinder Reddy that catches everyone’s attention.

Shahrukh khan house`s most adorable segment is their bedroom

shahrukh khan house

When going up the stairs, there is a room that you cannot miss which is the room of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Behind your deep wood door is a generous space with pure white marble floors, a brown velvet sofa, and a king-size bed with a mix of animal prints and gold pillows. Played with beige and brown tones, the bride and groom’s room is perfectly in keeping with the color palette of the rest of the Shahrukh khan house interior. The reflective headboard opens up more space, which also features large windows that bring in natural light.

AbRam Khan’s room is all about fun colors

shahrukh khan house

The AbRam Khan room takes a different path from the rest of the house, with wooden floors in a lighter shade of brown, along with interiors in white and light blue. Another section of the house has also been turned into a play area for him, and it has a completely different aesthetic than the rest of the space. In his room, you will discover a cream colored armchair, and in the middle of all the electric cars and Lego pieces, a favorite pillow that never leaves his side.This part of Shahrukh khan house is indeed most colorful sement of the house.

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Inside Shahrukh khan Studio: His Awards Wall

shahrukh khan house

If you meet Khan at his house, he will probably be in the star study. The My Name Is Khan actor is known to spend a lot of time in this room, often hosting meetings here as well. Not a typical studio, this area of ​​Mannat follows a dramatic aesthetic with a neoclassical column facade and luxurious leather accessories. You’ll also discover all the trophies Khan has earned over the years scattered around the room, creating space within the shelves that have been stored to the brim.This part of Shahrukh Khan House shows the achievement of Khan.

Uniqueness of Shahrukh khan house Interior- Personal Home Theater

shahrukh khan house

Having been in the film industry for nearly three decades, it is no surprise that SRK has a special place in his home dedicated to film. As you enter the home theater, you will find bright red walls attached with vintage posters of Bollywood classics such as Sholay, Mughal-E-Azam, and Ram Aur Shyam in Time. The framed walking stick designed by Charlie Chaplin is another important item that adds a special flair to a room. 42 burgundy leather chairs, mahogany velvet walls, and an extensive movie set (which of course includes all SRK films to date) complete the personal theater.

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