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Shilpa Shetty launches her own fitness app this year

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Shilpa Shetty launches her own fitness app this year

Shilpa Shetty launches her own fitness app this year

Shilpa is famous for her fitness and toned body and that’s why one can definitely take inspiration from her. She also runs a YouTube channel which has more than 2 million subscribers. She always wanted the people to live a happier life and that’s why she decided to launch a wellness app. 

Shilpa Shetty said that there were many people who asked for her direction and advice to do Yoga and daily workout. She decided to launch an app on which she will put all of her experience about fitness and health. With the help of best experts, she will help people to work out in their home without the use of any expensive equipment and gym memberships. She will add the exercises for both beginners and advanced level athletes. This app will also contain the meditation and yoga programmers to rejuvenate and relax one’s mind. On 8th June, her app with name ‘Shilpa Shetty’ was released on android and iOS phones. Read the complete story here

Features of the application

Within a few days of this application’s launch, it got an overwhelming response and reached on one of the top three health apps on iOS. In the year 2018, she also started publishing books about health and she also invested money in a startup. 

  • Fifteen fitness programmes 
  • 21-day weight loss programme
  • Daily Yoga Routine 
  • Post-pregnancy weight loss programme
  • Flat belly program
  • Diet plans 
  • Yoga routines

The best thing about this application is Shilpa Shetty but the thing which makes this app stand out is her efforts. Her love for workout and Yoga attracted many people on this app. The yoga asana and exercises which are followed by her are available on this app. So, one can believe that this application is quite amazing and Shilpa has tried to give her best to make it amazing. 

Why Shilpa is the best candidate for this app?

There are many people who feel that Shilpa stays in limelight and this can be a little bit tough for her. People were really curious about knowing her weight loss story after pregnancy. There are many ladies in India who want to have a figure like Shilpa after delivering a baby. She thought that she should share this idea with everyone because it isn’t rocket science but regular hard work and dedication. She believes that having home food is really important if someone wants to have a healthy body. Adding avocado and smoothie in meal won’t help someone to lose weight. She keeps trying to educate people about health with her YouTube channel, DVDs and books. Now, she finally decided to do this by starting an application. 

Shilpa never started posting videos about health for money but she just wanted to help her fans in having a healthy and toned body. She started posting recipes and workout videos which were loved by people. She realized that an app on workout and health will attract more people and she can focus more on it. She reshot all the videos again and covered all the necessary aspects of the workout. She also shot content of 200 hours extra which took her two years. She also said that new videos will be updated on the app from time to time. 

Hard work of Shilpa on improving the health of people

Shilpa is known with the fact that she is followed by several people who want to stay fit and that’s why she decided to make them more aware of their health and fitness by launching this app. In every programme available on the app, she has shared meals and weight loss ideas which will be loved by people. Within a few days, her app is doing magic and has attracted many fans. The major aim of this app is not to make people lean and thin but to make people aware of nutrition and food. 

She also told that she can’t guarantee people that they will lose ten kg weight in just one month but she can definitely change the lives of people if they will modify their lifestyle according to her. When people will learn what to eat and what to leave, then they will be able to understand their health better. The weight is lost by people as per their BMI but rest depends upon workout and food. There is no doubt that this app will attract lots of people in the coming days due to its features and easy to use functions. This initiative by Shilpa is definitely going to improve the health of several people. Read more :

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