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3 simple and heatless hacks to say curls for days and goodbye to styling tools


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3 simple and heatless hacks to say curls for days and goodbye to styling tools

3 simple and heatless hacks to say curls for days and goodbye to styling tools

It’s 2022 and it’s not telling us that flat irons and straighteners are the only things that can make you feel on top of the world. These tools add warmth but don’t forget that although they can give your hair the look of your dreams and do more harm than good in the process. Even after using thermal protectors, the damage caused cannot be completely repaired, so you must stick to the tricks that will make your hair beautiful. Do you want to prepare drinks that can give your hair a good treatment?

Follow these easy steps to get kinky curls because the home will be your new “hotspot” for virtual parties, to be exact. We have created some tips that you will love.

Wavy hair

Ancient but certainly proven by many. Next time you wash your hair, take some rollers and put them on your curls. Divide your hair into small sections and wrap each one with a fine roller. Use small bobby pins to keep them intact and leave them for a few hours. Loosen and you will see that the curls open.


The easiest way to hack the laziest girl. Few use this technique to avoid knots and tangles that your hair can be exposed to. Once you rinse your hair, braid it and go to sleep. Getting your hair wet gives you defined curls instead of straight braids on dry hair.

Curl sock

Oddly enough, consider this your golden ticket to all things great. It seems that wet hair is basically the secret to big locks. Comb your hair to get rid of knots and make sections of your choice. Just two or four are enough to wrap each of them in socks. Braid slightly away from the roots or where you want to see your curls. Once you have finished the braids, use small hairbands to secure each one. Once your braids are dry, set them free and tell us how you like them. Fun fact: This can be done with a robe, scarves, or any piece of fabric at your convenience.

Have you tried similar ways to love your hair?

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