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Simple ways to make your perfume last longer

Simple ways to make your perfume last longer


Simple ways to make your perfume last longer

Simple ways to make your perfume last longer

Simple ways to make your perfume last longer

How many times have you left the house only to find that the scent of your perfume has vanished in 2 hours? The same perfume that sold you and is the best reflection of who you are seems to be incompetent in his work as soon as you leave the house. Or is it really?

Most often, it is your perfumery practices that reduce the longevity of your perfume. Here we have collected the main mistakes made by perfume wearers, which can drastically reduce the retention capacity of your perfume.

Simple ways to make your perfume last longer:

Don’t get me wrong, honey! We don’t blame it entirely on you. There may also be a high chance that your perfume is the real culprit. If so, you should find ways to make the most of it. Below are some common mistakes you can avoid to get the most out of their scents. Think of this guide as your secret spell for always smelling good.

Back to the basics

Let’s start with the mother’s advice we’ve been hearing for years now: the areas of application. This is so important. Where you spray your scent is crucial as these are targeted areas that can help spread your scent throughout the day as your body releases heat.

The ideal positioning of the perfume is inside the wrists, at the base of the throat and behind the ears. If you’re planning a longer day than usual, you can also spray some perfume behind your knees.

What not to do: Contrary to popular belief, do not rub your wrists after spraying the perfume. Excessive friction can lead to the loss of some fragrance notes.

Moisturize mom!

Simple ways to make your perfume last longer

Isn’t that a nice surprise? Is our moisturizing tip moving into the fragrance category?

Since hydration is essential to a skincare routine, it is also an effective scenting practice. Moist skin can help retain the scent and keep it longer. This way your perfume can have a lingering scent all day long.

What not to do: Don’t wait for the moisturizer or lotion to dry completely before applying the moisturizer. Apply it to the body if the skin is still slightly damp or oily. Don’t overdo it and use petroleum jelly as many suggest. This can cause stains on clothes.

Did we talk about hair?

Didn’t we? Next, let’s discuss a way to make your hair last with the same scent as your body. Spray some perfume on the brush and gently brush your hair. You can also purchase a hair fragrance formulated to specifically perfume your hair while taking care of your locks. This tip can help intensify the scent of your perfume to an impressive extent.

What not to do: Do ​​not spray your hair or scalp directly with the body fragrance. Most body perfumes contain a lot of alcohol, which can damage the health of your hair and scalp.

Get it out of your bathroom

Although we have discussed the effectiveness of a wet application surface for a fragrance, this may not be the best environment for its storage. If you keep your perfumes in your bathroom, take them off right away. Moisture in the surrounding environment can break down the scent and reduce its effectiveness.

What not to do: Don’t throw away the perfume box. Store the bottle in its box and in your bedroom or closet. Do not store it in a place where it may be subject to humidity or high temperatures.

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