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6 Amazing Hacks To Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

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6 Amazing Hacks To Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

6 Amazing Hacks To Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

If you’ve given up all hope with a concealer worried about frizz later, you’ve come to the right place. Concealer is one of every girl’s makeup must-haves to help any boo on your skin and possibly prevent you from urinating too much on Monday mornings. However, many girls and guys have stopped using their long-lasting concealer just because of that unwanted frizz that occurs when you are about two hours away from using the concealer. We know streaks are totally bad, so we’ve curated this list of super easy and simple hacks that can help you defend your skill with crease-resistant concealer.

Get a Good Eye Cream

There’s nothing worse than applying a stubborn concealer to a dry undereye area. Wrinkles are the least you can expect in this case. Just like your face, a nourishing eye cream needs to be applied to prepare the under-eye area for subsequent makeup without dryness or damage. “Working on a smooth surface ensures a smooth makeup look. The eye cream has a different texture and works very differently than a moisturizer because the skin around our eyes is as thin as tissue paper and sensitive, making it a must before concealer,” Stafford Braganza, National Makeup Artist, and Artistic Trainer, L’Oréal Paris, India.

Invest in a Good, Lightweight, Blendable Concealer

While clumpy, full-coverage, and incredibly thick concealer is holy grails for some, they’re not for us. We need a concealer to correct, not transform, so choosing a concealer that’s blendable, lightweight, and skin-friendly is the smart thing to do. Not only does this concealer make it easy to apply, but it also allows you to add coverage if needed. “Concealer that’s too thick creates a clumpy look that can dry out and crease. The less product, the better it can blend into the skin,” says Braganza.

Apply your Concealer Correctly

There is a lot of unwanted information circulating on the internet about makeup application techniques and not all of it is true. The wear and finish of concealer are greatly affected by how you apply it, so you want to make sure you do it right. “In my experience, the dotted line works best. Start by applying dots of concealer in a curve under the eyes with a light hand. Never apply just below the lash line, but to the spot just above the cheekbones and blend upwards for a perfect finish. Always remember to tip and roll. Or apply a concealer to your skin because removing it not only causes frizz but also lifts the product off your skin,” explains Braganza.

Set It Up

Nothing can replace the effect of an under-eye layer of translucent powder over concealer so, Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing. “Use translucent powder helps to create a barrier and set it into the skin so the concealer won’t streak or budge even after many hours. Apply over concealer to keep it looking fresh and smooth,” suggests Braganza.

Bake to Avoid Hidden Cakes

If applying a little loose powder under your eye isn’t doing you any good, trust baking to help. “Baking your makeup is applying a translucent layer or powder to areas of the face that tend to crease over time. After setting the powder, let it bake for 5-10 minutes, then dust on any remaining product for a flawless finish that lasts all day,” he says. Braganza.

The Beauty Blender is the Best

“I prefer to use a moist beauty blender to mix it into my concealer for a smooth application. Using a brush can cause the product to go through the skin, creating wrinkles and more texture,” explains Braganza. Pouring the beans on her favorite look, she says, “As a personal preference, using my ring finger to press on concealer is the best tool for me, as I can gently press it on without pulling on the delicate skin around my eyes.”

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