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6 Effective Tricks To Wear High Heels Without Pain

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6 Effective Tricks To Wear High Heels Without Pain

6 Effective Tricks To Wear High Heels Without Pain

Heels are cool. It instantly makes you feel joyful and beautiful as well as high heels never fail to create charm to attract or seduce people. Walking in heels is an art and must be learned effectively so, it is necessary to master the art before entering the game! Know some Tricks To Wear High Heels to shine in a crowd.

Moisturize Your Feet Well

There will be less friction as you move and you won’t get blisters or burns.

Get your Correct Foot Size

Getting the right foot size is very important. Before you buy a pair, ask the person who helps you in the store to tell you what your correct foot size is. In addition, the size of the foot changes, not only as you grow, but also as you age.

Pay Attention to the Shape of your Feet

Some of us have narrow feet, others wide; Some have smaller fingers, while others may have longer fingers there are many differences. If you have wide feet, I would advise against wearing closed-toe shoes. Wear clothing with a closed or open front. Even those with smaller toes should opt for wide, closed-toe shoes. Pointy shoes will compress your toes and make them very uncomfortable.

Block or Platform Heel

Shoes with wide heels and platforms are more comfortable than pointed heels. I know that nothing can match pencil heels, but with all the rush of creativity taking place in the design industry, you will find patterns and shapes that will capture your imagination. They are as fashionable as any!

Extra Cushions for Thin Soles

Shoes with thin soles will cause pain on the bottom of your feet. Get a foot/cushion where it works as a shock absorber. Rest your feet

Take a break from time to time while wearing heels. Extend your feet a little. Your feet will have the rest they need.

Shoes with More Support

Wearing heels with more upper coverage, ankle straps, or both will be more comfortable. Provides additional support to the foot.


Always stretch your feet after taking off your shoes (ask your doctor or just search the web).

An ice pack on the ankles and the back of the foot will ease the pain.

A foot massage from time to time is a very good idea.

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