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6 ways to protect  hair color from fading

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6 ways to protect  hair color from fading

6 ways to protect  hair color from fading

We dye our hair permanently for many reasons: we may want to cover grays and constantly change our appearance, and we may not like the color mother nature gave us. If we spend all that time in the salon treating colors, plus our hard-earned money on our color, of course we want it to last until it’s time to rebuild. We should treat our hair like our skin, after colored the hair It’s important to protect hair color from fading.

Here are some tips to help maintain our hair color:

1. Don’t use shampoo too often

Shampooing your hair more often will make your hair color fade faster. Wash no more than 3 times a week and on the days in between use dry shampoo to help remove any oil from your roots. This way it will help to protect hair color from fading.

2. Use shampoo and conditioner with color-protecting ingredients.

Using a shampoo and conditioner (or mask) with ingredients that help extend the life of your color is a great investment. You’ve already spent all the money on your hair color, so you want it to last. Ingredients like UV protectors (more on that in a minute), butter and oils to moisturize and condition your hair are ideal, it will help your hair color from fading as well as proteins to restore color damage.

My favorite color protection line is the kerastase Reflection chroma captive range. Another great option is Shea Moisture’s Super fruit Renewal System.

3. Be careful with heat styling tools

Keep dry, ironed and curled hair to a minimum. Color-treated hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage from high-heat tools. If you have to use it (I get it, no one wants to go out with wet hair in the dead of winter) it’s best to store them in a cool place. It may take a little longer to dry, but the damage reduction is well worth it.

4. Frequently deep condition

This is always my number one tip for hair health and with color, they are no exception. Deep conditioning helps with damage to your hair caused by the coloring process by restoring moisture and protein, it will help hair color from fading. Repeated deep conditioning leaves hair softer, smoother, more manageable and helps maintain color.

5. Add a Glaze To Your Routine

Applying the polish once every two weeks will increase the shine of your hair and increase the vibrancy of the color. It will help hair color from fading or discoloration that may start and will keep your color looking fresh until your next salon appointment. A great option is Rita Hazan Gloss for your hair color.

6. Use Color Depositing Conditioner

These are great for enhancing the vibrancy of your colored hair or helping to balance and tone it. I personally love using Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Conditioner to counteract the shine of my blonde hair. It helps to protect hair color from fading. But be careful not to use it with every wash—some color-fixing conditioners can cause buildup.

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