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Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Try Right Now

Fashion Trends

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Try Right Now

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends to Try Right Now

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Platform Heels

Add extra height for the days when you want to feel extra strong. Whether it’s with clogs, slippers, or boots, it seems like every retailer and designer has come up with their own modern take on stilts. The best thing about spring is versatility, and unlike other shoe options heels can only be paired with a certain type of look, platforms go with pretty much everything.

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Patterned Sets

If you live a fast-paced life like me, clothes can really be a boon to you. They are simple, fast and easy to use for almost any occasion. Replace your sriracha-colored sweatshirt that you’ve been wearing for far too long until your morning Zoom meetings for an upgraded look with a matching two-piece pants or skirt set.

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Grass Green

While liking green may not be a legitimate personality trait, it’s a common favorite among fashion designers for Spring 2022. This herb has had a moment for the past 18 months or so. This color can bring your spring outfits to life, no matter if you choose a stylish jacket, bucket hat or sandal at the back.

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Skirt Suits

Skirt suits have appeared on the catwalk and on our favorite celebrities. Even better than buying a new outfit: Create a vintage American company outfit from the ’80s and take it to the designer for a 2022 twist. If you’re shopping for it, playing with textures and patterns can update the silhouette.

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Baby Tees

This trend in the 1990s and early 2000s was a fan favorite among younger singers and actresses, who often paired it with jeans or low-rise pants. While you can wear a baby tee in winter if you try hard enough, the arrival of spring makes this trend even more weather-friendly when paired with shorts, skirts, and denim.

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Too-Large Bags

Say goodbye to the small wallet! To consider your spring outfit. An oversized bag that fits more than one spare mask and AirPods. The spring accessories trend seems like a counterculture to the little baggies dominating red carpets throughout 2019 and 2020. If you are not a fan of giant leather hobo bags, you can always join the army of bag warriors with a large duffel bag.


Oversized Sunglasses

At the top of my list are teenie sunglasses. As someone with a round face and plump baby cheeks, I rejoice in the fact that oversized tires will be everywhere in the coming weeks. Like other spring fashion trends, oversized sunglasses with a nostalgic ’70s aesthetic look on the catwalks. From spoiled aviators to retro sports eyeglasses, here are the frames that occupy more than half of the face and allow you to go incognito mode with more ease.

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Micro Tops

It’s a big day for the “swimwear as shirts” community: triangle tops are the norm. For girls who live in warm climates all year round, t-shirts have always been a classic. The midriff-bearing Y2K look can be replicated through a bikini or bra top for almost-nude moment. Plus, the trend is Slip-N-Slide approved.

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