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Standing Desk – Do you know enough about it and its benefits?


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Standing Desk – Do you know enough about it and its benefits?

Standing Desk – Do you know enough about it and its benefits?

A standing desk is basically a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working. These are known as height-adjustable desks which means you can change the height of the desk and switch between sitting and standing.

Most of the white-collar jobs are sitting jobs. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of many health issues like weight gain, obesity, diabetes and many more. Back pain is one of the common issues these days.

The physical therapist says always take breaks while working, take a walk of 5-10 minutes and resume work after that or stretch your body  in between. This helps with reducing stiffness and keeps you active.

With increasing back pain cases, standing desks are also becoming popular these days. Some say it can increase productivity and have good health benefits.

Let’s read on a few benefits of a standing desk

1. Standing desk can reduce back pain

Several studies have been conducted on employees with long-term back pain. And, results show improvement in more than 30% cases after using a standing desk for several weeks.

2. Reduces blood sugar levels

Blood sugar spikes occur when a simple sugar known as glucose builds up in the bloodstream. For people with diabetes, this is due to the body’s inability to use glucose properly. When glucose builds up in the bloodstream, blood glucose (blood sugar) levels rise. Blood sugar spikes occur in people with diabetes because they’re unable to use insulin efficiently.

A study shows standing for 2 hrs after lunch reduces the blood sugar spike as compared to sitting for the same amount of time.

3. Improves mood and energy levels

A sedentary lifestyle carries a greater potential for stress, depression, and decreased well-being. Among teens, increased screen time is associated with poor mental health. Sedentary lifestyles are also associated with high levels of anxiety. Whereas, height adjusting desks appear to have a positive effect on general well-being. Those who use these desks report less stress and fatigue than those who remain seated the entire work day.

4. Reduces the risk of heart disease

A desk bound lifestyle has evident health risks, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. When you gain too much weight, it becomes hard for your heart to work. And, when it works less, it becomes weak. Hence, being active can help with reducing heart diseases and active work setup can be the first change to be done in the routine.

5. Lowers risk of obesity

An inactive lifestyle leads to many health issues, and these are interconnected. Sitting is a common body position when you work, socialize, study, drive, and watch television or travel. h means 50% of your day goes in sitting posture. Resulting in less energy consumption and limits the number of calories you burn. Hence, taking in more calories than are burned by exercise and normal daily activities leads to weight gain and obesity in later stages.

Working on a standing desk can reduce the risk of gaining weight by burning calories as compared to sitting.


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