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Your basic summer holiday lingerie guide

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Your basic summer holiday lingerie guide

Your basic summer holiday lingerie guide

The hot, hazy summer days are upon us.

To accommodate tricky summer silhouettes it’s really important to wear the correct lingerie.Here are some essential wardrobes this season by Siddharth Grover, Director and Groversons Paris Beauty to keep you cool.

Nothing could beat cotton
None signal summer’s arrival, like cotton. The world hasn’t found a better cotton alternative with the breathability factor rocketing sky-high. Yes, this fabric’s easy knits and moisture-absorbing nature is what makes it a hit not only with lingerie but with almost any kind of summer clothing.

Apart from being completely fuss-free, cotton bras and panties help you remain hygienic during the day, leaving no space for rashes. It allows your skin to breathe, naturally, and does not trap heat like other fabrics. It’s ideal for hot days when you know you’re going to sweat as there’s no odor in cotton. In summer, cotton panties, shorts, singlets, and bras definitely can’t go wrong.  

Lighter shades to stay
The light-shaded clothing reflects heat, while the dark colors absorb it, causing a lot of transpiration. The same logic also applies to your lingerie, pastel-shaded bras and panties are highly recommended compared to bold hues for handling the beaming heat.

We would never have missed mentioning how important strapless bras are in summer, particularly those that flatter you and stay there. They are great for all your skimpier summer clothes and give you the freedom to make your declaration of summer fashion. Hot and sweaty season, strapless bras will also help you get rid of digging straps that cause rashes.

Sports bras
Sports bras are more durable than your usual bras and give your breasts full support during physical exercise. It’s the perfect way to deal with sweat during this summer season because most of them are made from moisture-wicking cloth. Compared to most of your fashion bras it will remain drier and you can pair it under your mesh tops as a fashion statement.

Plunge bras
The plunge bras are built to wear outfits with low necklines underneath. These are great for T-shirts with a low collar or even ethnic wear. It’s a bra with a deep V-neckline to ensure your innerwear doesn’t show up. This raises the bosom upwards and in the most normal way gives it a beautiful form. And now you can wear complete confidence in your deep neck outfits.


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