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Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat



Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat

Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat

With the summer season on the run, we still have to look our best when it comes to attending events, parties, and hitting the beach. As the seasons change, so should your makeup routine, your makeup should be resistant to heat and humidity. Whether you are someone who likes to wear makeup every day or once in a while we got you covered with our summer makeup tips to beat the heat. 

Picking The Right Moisturizer

Our number 1 summer makeup tip is starting with hydrating your skin is always a good start no matter what the weather is, pick an oil-free or gel-based moisturizer and apply it to your face first thing in the morning before applying makeup. Moisturizing will ensure the smooth application of the makeup, making your skin look hydrated.

Sunscreen Is Necessary

Sunscreen is a must in our regular skincare routine all year, but summer usually necessitates a little more diligence because we sweat a little more, the heat can be damaging so make sure to wear an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every day, even under makeup, in summers it is important to reapply your sunscreen every 3-4 hours for reapplication, try a sunscreen powder that can be dusted on top of your makeup.


Primers help you eliminate shine on your skin and it is your go-to summer makeup tip if you want to avoid greasy or melting makeup. Apply it in small quantities all over the face with your fingers it will quickly absorb into the skin, as it is really light. A little will go a long way, it’ll make your makeup last all day. Primers also control your sweat and when you sweat less you’re makeup will stay in place for long.


Finding the right base for your skin come will some trouble but we have it figured out. For summer don’t go for powder foundations as they can get cakey instead switch to a thin, textured liquid foundation if you have extremely oily skin avoid foundation altogether, and stick to a tinted moisturizer or BB creams you can also just use concealer in areas that need brightening or spot correction. You can also choose a matte formulation as it’s free of mineral oil and petroleum, it won’t crimp through the day. Do not layer too much foundation on your skin, do let it breathe to avoid clogged pores.

Try Waterproof Formulas

Waterproof formulas are your savior for summer, our skin is usually greasy during summers so your eye makeup is prone to streaking and smearing as a result of sweat and humidity anytime, that’s why it’s important to switch products with waterproof formulations as they will aid in product retention. Most waterproof formulas are sweat proof so they won’t run or smear. For eye makeup our summer makeup tip for you is to apply a primer over your lids before applying eye shadow, this helps to reduce creasing.

The waterproof versions of your favorite makeup products are your go-to during summers.

Setting Powder

Translucent powder is your go-to summer makeup tip, it will help your makeup stay in place, reduce shine and make your makeup stay flawless. You can use powder sunscreen for this step too, apply it all over your face with a large fluffy brush and wait for some time before brushing off any excess product. The powder won’t let your makeup crease. You can also use a setting spray after your full face is done to keep everything in place, setting sprays to create a barrier to keep your makeup in place. 

Quit Lipstick

In summer you want your make-up to look as natural as possible, especially during the daytime, lipsticks tend to enhance your look but during summers you can go wrong by switching to a bold lip, instead of doing nude lips and trying matte formulas which will avoid extra shine. Matte formulas are also non-transferable so you don’t need to fix your lipstick again and again. For summers you can try lip stains as they are much lighter, if you want to completely avoid lipsticks you can also try lip balms with SPF for maximum protection against the sun.

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