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Different Types of Swimming Costume for Women and Men

swimming costume

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Different Types of Swimming Costume for Women and Men

Different Types of Swimming Costume for Women and Men

Types of sexy Swimming Costumes to flaunt your shapes

Bragging season is here, so the girls show off their best. We are talking about summer, the perfect season to relax on the beachfront or enjoy a pool party. If you have plans to enjoy a summer weekend at the swimming pool or beach, now is the time for girls to start looking for the perfect beach outfit. All you need is a cute, feminine and sensual swimsuit to make the most of your beach party. That is why we are here to provide you with a fashion guide on how to choose the perfect swimming costume according to your style and where to buy the latest swimsuit models. Check out our best swimwear for this year.

Types of swimming Costume for Women

1- One-piece swimsuit

swimming costume
swimming costume

One piece is a modern swimming costume that has a classic look. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and even Sharmila Tagore wore a one-piece swimsuit. The one-piece swimsuit is nice to the body and women who don’t want to brighten their skin too much can opt for a stylish one-piece swimsuit.

  • BEST FOR BODY TYPE: We think this style of swimsuit would complement curly babies or girls with a belly bag. Chubby girls should focus on coverage and can go for a plunging neckline. Avoid going for a closed neckline or boat.
  • On-trend style: Fishnet neckline, one-piece swimsuit and elegant prints are very much in fashion.
  • Available in fabric: the fabrics that will attract your personality are Lycra, Spandex and Polyamide.
  • Featured Brands: Prettysecrets, Amante, Estonished and Flirtatious

Tip: Curvy girls should choose monochromatic swimsuits, mostly in deep shades like black, purple and blue, and should avoid striped shorts and skinny bikini bottoms.
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2- Tankini

swimming costume
swimming costume

The Tankini set is a combination of tank top with bikini bottom. Gives an attractive look and hides belly fat smoothly. Middle aged women can definitely go for this style of swimming costume for their beach vacation and swimming pool party.

  • Best for Body Type: Perfect apple tankini for girls. The apple-shaped women have a heavy top and has to choose a V-neck tankini that will bring the illusion of a narrow waist. Avoid ruffles and ruffled, horizontal prints that will draw attention to her chest.
  • Trend Style: Floral Print Tankini Set, Peplum tankini set will look charming on you. Choose blouses in a dark shade with a high-waisted down print.
  • Available in Fabric – A combination of spandex, cotton, lycra, nylon, nylon, and elastane will add a stylish look.
  • Top Brands: Schiffan, Naresh, Caprice, Amanti and Brightscrates

Tip: Always look for thicker straps to give the illusion of a smaller shoulder. Pay attention to your lower body.

3- Swim dress

swimming costume
swimming costume

If you are looking for an elegant lady swimming costume, then the swimsuit is made for you. The combination of the swimsuit with the dress makes it unique and attractive at the same time.

  • Best for body type: heavy pear-shaped women
  • Fashion Style: Backless Tops, Halter Neck Swimsuit, V Neck Swimsuit
  • Available in fabric: spandex, nylon, polyamide. Makes amazing swimsuits.
  • Top Brands: Aquamagica, Prettysecrets and Penny
  • Websites to buy:,

Tip: Draw attention to your upper body by wearing flowy V-neck tops.

4- Legsuit

swimming costume
swimming costume

Legsuit is a figure-hugging swimming costume for women that fits all long legs. This stylish suit is perfect for water aerobics and swimming, as it is also comfortable and sassy. Add a touch of elegance to this leggings and show your attractive side.

  • Best for Body Type: Women who go soft on the hourglass body shape can definitely go for leg suits. Leggy beauties can also wear this swimsuit and look stylish on the beach.
  • Trend Style: The racerback pattern at the back also creates a sultry look and the black shade will look cute.
  • Available in fabric: The best fabrics are Spandex, Elastane, Nylon, Polyester.
  • Top Brands: Nidhi Munim, Penny, Slazenger, Speedo and Aqua

Tip: Hourglass women can opt for a short-sleeved suit.
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5- Sling swimsuit

swimming costume
swimming costume

The sling swimsuit is also known as the strap bikini, the strapless thong that has a bold and flirty look. The Slingshot Y swimming costume is sure to turn heads and have you standing out from the crowd.

  • Best for Body Type: Women with an elongated figure who are not curvy can definitely try a sling swimsuit, which would give the illusion of curves.
  • Trending Style: Deep shades, fringe-style strapless swimsuit, bow throw are the hottest trends.
  • Available in fabrics: polyester, spandex and polyamide of the best fabrics.
  • Major brands: Melissa Odabash, N-gal and Prettysecrets

Tip: The whole look is daring, so be careful and confident when wearing this swimsuit.

6- Three-piece swimsuit

swimming costume
swimming costume

Gorgeous, gorgeous, luxurious three-piece swimming costume for women is sure to catch the eye of all pretty girls. The three-piece swimsuit is an innovative and versatile set for all those who do not want to show it off completely.

  • Best for Body Type: Every body shape will look modern in this three-piece swimsuit. Women with plump thighs may prefer a three-piece swimsuit in pareo style, and also apple-shaped and round, women may prefer a three-piece swimsuit in kaftan style.
  • Trending Style: Boho print, floral print, and polka dots are the trendsetting swimwear.
  • Available in fabric: polyester, spandex, polyamide
  • Main brands: Prettysecrets, N-gal and Fascinatelingerie

Tip: Go for the quirky prints and mesh fishnet pattern for a modern look.

7- Burkini

swimming costume
swimming costume

The burkini is a unique swimming costume for women makeover, and it is specially designed for modest Muslim women who want to enjoy beach life like no other. But this trend is also spreading among non-Muslim women, who want to protect themselves from tanning.

  • Best for Body Type: It fits all body shapes, but curvy women can go for this type of swimsuit.
  • Trending Pattern: Embossing, Polka Dot Pattern, ikat print is a great number worth investing in.
  • Available in fabric: Italian polyamide, polyester knitwear, lycra, spandex, Italian fabrics used to make burkini.
  • Top Brands: Speedo

Tip: Since the burkini covers the entire body, it is best to choose fabrics that are comfortable in sunny weather.

We believe that wearing a swimsuit needs the utmost confidence, so any shape should be physical, if you are confident enough it will radiate in what you wear. Beach or swimming pool kids, we hope you enlighten yourself through our posts. We’d love to see your feedback on stylish swimwear.
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Swimming Costume for men

Swim trunks

swimming costume
swimming costume

Swim Trunks, the most popular type of swimming costume for men, offers everything you would expect from a traditional swimsuit, but with the refinement and quality of the traditional Speedo. These shorts come with a mesh to ensure maximum comfort no matter what you do with them. Plus, it’s stylish and sporty enough to wear to the beach and around the house.

Swim shorts tend to be above the knee and are baggy, designed for comfort rather than performance. It comes with an elastic waistband and a drawstring that ensures a perfect fit. They also have pockets to store things like keys and cell phone. However, since they are baggy, they won’t swim as fast in board shorts as you would with something like a jammer or shorts. If you’re only going to the beach, you can’t go wrong with swimsuits!


swimming costume
swimming costume

Jammers are intended for male swimmers only. At first glance, they look like swimming costume, but they’re actually way ahead. They are designed to fit comfortably and compress the body to reduce resistance. This allows you to have the best moments when swimming in competition.

Locking devices are generally not made from the traditional fabric of the bathtub, but rather resemble the fabric of a wetsuit. It is often a hybrid of Spandex, Lycra, and polyurethane. These waterproof materials ensure that water flows through your body as smoothly as possible.

Unless you are looking to swim competitively, interference may not be the best option. They are designed to compress your body and therefore may not be comfortable for a day at the beach. That, and if it stretches, you’ll lose your competitive edge, so you don’t want to use it too often.
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Swim shirt

swimming costume
swimming costume

A swim shirt is a type of shirt, often similar to a regular shirt with long or short sleeves, but made of a waterproof material. These t-shirts are designed to provide coverage and protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.These are very comfortable type of swimming costume for men.

However, although they can fit comfortably, they are not as tight as a wetsuit or even a bathing suit. For this reason, it is not recommended for competitive swimming, but should be used for casual swimming. It’s designed to keep the sun’s rays from burning your skin, perfect for a dip at the swimming pool!

Square legs Shorts

swimming costume
swimming costume

The square leg shorts are halfway between underwear and shorts. Shorter than blockers, with legs larger than shorts, square leg shorts serve a similar purpose to boxer shorts and block-out devices, but with greater coverage than notes but less compression than blockers.

Square leg shorts can be as narrow as camouflage or looser like shorts, but they are always shorter than traditional pants. This helps reduce drag in the water.

If you want benefits for a while, but also want more coverage, the Square Leg Shorts are perfect swimming costume for men.

Broad Shorts

swimming costume
swimming costume

Shorts tend to be longer than swimming costume shorts and are often behind the knee. They also don’t always have the mesh lining found in all swimsuits. The waist is also solid, not elastic.

You might be surprised to learn that the shorts were originally designed to be worn while surfing, hence the name. It was supposed to prevent more parts of the swimmer’s body from touching the hard, thick materials of the surfboard. Now they get the same amount of wear as traditional swimsuits.

However, like swim shorts, it won’t break any swimming records in shorts. Its extra length increases water resistance.

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