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The Current Fashion Trends For Women

Current fashion trends

Fashion Trends

The Current Fashion Trends For Women

Latest fashion trend for women

The Current Fashion Trends For Women

The latest Fashion in today’s world is followed by people from all over the world. Fashion is not only followed by the celebrities and runway models but instead, normal people take inspiration from the latest fashion trends for their everyday outfits. Common people have been greatly influenced by the world of fashion through various mediums such as Tv, Social Media, Newspapers, etc. There are new fashion trends each year for every season.  Men and Women get inspired by the designs of the top designers. Fashion is something that is ever-evolving and new fashion trends keep on emerging all the time. We are here with a list of the latest fashion trends for women.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are one of the most trending pieces right now for your spring and summer collection this year. The classic look of a long shirt can never go out of fashion. These days, many designers have used their creativity and redesigned the shirt dress with many different cuts and styles. Some of which are Drop waists, double high slits, button-downs, asymmetric hemlines, mandarin-collar etc. Add a little bit of adventure and quirk to your wardrobe and try out this look with a sling bag and sneakers.

Versatile Jeans

Jeans is an evergreen piece of cloth that can never go out of fashion. In a survey conducted recently, jeans have been found out to be the most sought-after clothing in the whole world. Most people prefer normal blue jeans. You can find that over the years, jeans have been redesigned so many times. It suits all body shapes and sizes. The most popular jeans trends for this season include denim-on-denim, pastel-hued jeans, patchwork jeans, the extremely distressed jeans, flared and low-rise jeans, mom jeans, baggy jeans and the skinny jeans that never went out of female fashion anyway. You should choose comfort over everything when selecting jeans for yourself. Look for a style that will suit your body shape and looks cool on you.

Bamboo Bags

The Bamboo Bags have suddenly become so popular and trendy. It is one of the most searched items on Pinterest as well. These sling bags are not going out of fashion for quite some time now. Its intricate semi-circular shape, airy bamboo frame, and the affordable price attract the eye of the people. It became famous just a while ago and people already claim it as a ‘must-have’ the item. The bag goes well with all kinds of casual dresses, whether it is pieces of denim or any other boho kind of look. The bag looks pretty with a jumpsuit too.

Statement Sneakers

These days, everybody is trying to get their hands on the chunky sneakers. These are all over Instagram right now and all the fashion bloggers and bloggers are talking about these sneakers. These are the hottest sneakers of the season and the funky look is extremely adored by the youth. In all kinds of designs and artistic colours, current fashion trends these sneakers are all over the internet right now. They are available in multicolours, metallic, single colour or you can even get them customized according to you. The amazing fact is that you can wear them with a dress or top and jeans.

Wrap on dresses

The Wrap on dresses is one of the coolest pieces of cloth that you can own. It is one of the favourite Summer dresses for girls and ladies. It is not just a summer casual dress but can be worn for weddings or formal events too. You can find formal wrap dresses, midi wrap dresses or long wrap dresses too. It comes in various prints and styles and cuts like ruffles, striped, tropical look. It has become a wardrobe staple for most women.

Short Shorts

Short Shorts are basically a very versatile and functional wardrobe staple for the summer and spring season time of the year. They are a go-to piece of cloth to wear. It is all about styling it properly and short shorts can rock your outfit. From denim shorts to leather shorts, everything is in right now. With the right fit and size of the short shorts, an amazing look can be created by it for a party or a casual outing or work etc.

Trench coat

The trench coat is always on the trends list for the winter and autumn season of the year. From lightweight gabardines and leather trenches styled as dresses, the trench coat is a wardrobe staple for the fall season. The trench coat can be styled in many ways, be it with a contrasting colour belt or left open to show off your cute dress that you are wearing inside. Every season, new creative trench coat designs come with stylish and sophisticated looks. It is one of the most versatile layering clothes for the fall.

Khadi Clothes

The Khadi cloth has been manufactured in India and people have been wearing clothes made of Khadi since ages ago. There are many fashion designers who have been trying to rediscover the Khadi and promote wearing clothes made of Khadi material. Khadi is also known as Khaddar. You can find the finest of khadi clothes in the markets. Khadi Sarees, khadi kurtas, khadi T-shirts etc are worn by many Indians and the cloth is being promoted by various brands such as Fab India.

The Indian Sarees

The Sarees are a staple in an Indian Women’s wardrobe. No matter how modern or new styles of clothing arrive, the grace and feel of wearing a Saree can never go out of style. Young women and girls have been using creative ways to style their sarees and breaking all the conventions. Instead of blouses, they wear it with crop tops or bikini bras, petticoats are replaced by churidars and jeans.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is something that has been a big influencer for people of our time who are looking for eco-friendly ways to protect our environment. The percentage of eco-friendly and recycled fibers & fabrics has been growing significantly as more and more people look for sustainable lifestyle choices. Sustainable fashion is basically defined as the clothes shoes and the accessories that have been manufactured in the most sustainable way possible.

Pastel Colours

You must have observed the extensive use of pastel colours this season. Neutral colours and pastels with soft hues such as pale pink, ivories, ecru and silvers, and greys and champagnes have been in fashion this year. Wear it as a monochrome, mixed pastels, pastels with neutrals or along with bright coloured clothes.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts have been in fashion for more than a year now, be it in India or worldwide. A chic maxi skirt look can be achieved by figuring out what colours look the best on you. A single colour maxi skirt, floral skirts, high waisted skirts, pleated maxi skirts, maxi skirts with a slit, denim maxi skirts, skirts with tulle, wrap maxi skirts are some variations of these skirts. This year had been an amazing year for new fashion styles just like every other year. Every year new fashion trends emerge whether in India or abroad. The designers are also trying their best to introduce people to the many unique and historic handmade clothes such as chikankari, khadi clothes etc. New innovations keep on coming and the trends keep coming and going like it has been all these years.

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