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Top 10 Health Tips For Women Over 65: You Can Feel The Differences Over The Time

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Top 10 Health Tips For Women Over 65: You Can Feel The Differences Over The Time

With age, human start to lose their health conditions such as metabolism, weakness, bone health, memory, digestive system, organ issues and several others of diseases. Especially it can be seen among women. It starts from the age 58-62 years but they grow from 65 years and keep deteriorating. To cope up with the growing age and fitness, it is important to follow the health tips very strictly in order to stay healthy, because it is you who suffers the ultimate. If you try to follow these below-listed health tips, you will be feeling better and that’s for sure if you make them your daily habits. It may seem that the problem of starting to do something new is not worth it. However, even small changes can improve your health. One small change you can make is to add a little activity to your daily life.

  • Physical activities

Physical activity is good for people at any age, especially for women over 65 plus age. Falls are a common cause of injury and disability among older adults. Physical activity strengthens your bones and muscles. When your muscles are strong, you are less likely to fall.In addition to doing some physical activity, it is also important to keep your mind active either at home doing the daily crossword puzzle or playing cards at the local club.

  • Modify your diet

In the last stage of life, you will begin to realize that you’re eating habits have changed. If you are alone or if your family has moved to another place, for example, you will find little motivation to prepare healthy meals. Therefore, why not talk to friends and neighbors to set up weekly event?

  • Workout

In a study, it has been seen that 65 year old women who have always exercised can retain approximately 80 percent of the physical strength and resistance they had to the age of 25. It is enough to stay active. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking, especially if you play golf, swim and yoga etc. are enough.

  • Mild running or walking

From diabetes to heart disease, many chronic health problems have been improved by doing a moderate amount of physical activity. Though experts recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week, but do not have to do 30 minutes running. Try to walk for 15 minutes twice a day or 10 minutes 3 times a day.

  • Resistance training

When your muscles are strong, activities such as getting up from a chair or holding an open door are easier to perform. If you think to start daily weigh-lift workout then you can start the count from 2-5 pounds, for example, books and bottle full of water. Another way to build muscle is by using a resistance band.

  • Eat more fiber

Fiber can improve your health in 3 ways. It helps your colon to work better and avoid constipation. Reduces the risk of heart disease, type2 diabetes and colon cancer. It helps to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Women over 60-65 years of age should consume 20-25 grams of fiber per day.

  • Improve sleep habits

Sleep habits usually change as the person ages. Decreasing activity levels and dropping by during the day will make it harder to sleep through the night or wake you up very early in the morning. Don’t be panic. Make some good habits in the morning such as fishing or morning walk. Try to sleep as early as possible or reading books.

  • Continue periodic medical check-ups

There is nothing worse than not monitoring your own health. You are the one who knows best how you feel each day. More than a formal checkup, you should undergo regular check-ups that include basic scans such as mammograms and prostate lab tests. Women should continue to explore and examine their breasts every month to detect the existence of lumps or changes.

  • It is good to eat

80% of people affected by osteoporosis are women. In fact many more women die as a result of hip fractures than cancer of the cervix or uterus and ovaries together.You must take healthy food supplements such as mackerel, tuna, herring, anchovies or sardines since these help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and edible bones will help protect against osteoporosis. Try eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

  • Time with family

It is believed that at the age of 65, women become more and more lonely. It is because they have grown older. They can’t do the same home works as it was possible 20 years ago. Everyone in the family is so busy with their works. At that moment they are ignored. This must be stopped. Loneliness can even break a stronger person. This time the elderly women needs more care, attention and friend of all time with whom they can share their thoughts. This activity will let them feel around friendly atmosphere and improve the physical and mental health.

Conclusion: everything has a new start

Adopting healthy habits can be difficult at first. But starting with something small and rewarding yourself for each step you take can make a difference in how well you feel. It may be easier for you to be physically more active and consume more fiber if you see each day and each meal time as an opportunity to do something good for you. Mediterranean diet includes healthy fatty diets such as avocado, olive oil fat, whole grain, sea food (fish) and lots of vegetables. Wine in moderation is vice-versa, as well as healthy activities as part of your lifestyle. The menu also includes less red meat, sweet treats and other refined carbohydrates. It has been shown that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart attacks and deaths from other causes by more than 50% in people between 70 and 90 years of age.

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