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Trying to Lose Weight but Love Soda: Here is What You Must Know

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Trying to Lose Weight but Love Soda: Here is What You Must Know

We always have face this situation once or twice in our lives that we try so hard to lose some weight and inches but land up either on the same weight or increased weight rather than any reductions. 

People do crash dietings, and what not but nothing helps them. 

The question which we all must think is even if we are eating less, doing dieting what is making our body not to lose weight. 

The answer is very simple.




That simple!


Yes, it is something we never look at while eating. No matter how less or more you are eating.

What matters is –

  • What you are eating
  • How much you are eating
  • When you are eating


If we always think about these points and then intake, it will help everyone to lose the desired kgs within a considerable time. 

Food products that are high in fat, calories, and have fewer nutrients should be avoided while eating. We all love many things, even without giving a thought about how the food/drink they are having is sabotaging them to lose weight. People try to lose weight but they also love soda and can’t quit drinking it. It is just an example of what we take without giving it a thought, how it is affecting the body. Everyone no matter what their age, height, and weight are, people should always look at what they are eating. Some cheat is always allowed as once in a while as it will give a feeling of fulfillment and make people more motivated towards their goal of making their body more fit and perfect. Processed and refined foods should be eliminated from the diet and instead fill your fridge and kitchen with green veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds which are high in nutrition, and gives the body energy along with all the essential nutrients and micro- essentials. 


Is diet soda diet-friendly?

Unlike its name which suggests that it can be consumed while on dieting is a myth. It is just an advertising strategy by the companies to sell their products. It is similar to any other fizzy drink. It does not have any other added value to offer but it can impact the consumer in various ways and can lead to chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome, heart issues, and even heart problems in the long run.


Why is it unhealthy and bad?

Diet drinks are full of artificial sweeteners and after its intake, the consumer feels hungry and a craving for unhealthy and junk food. Which ultimately makes the person eat more unnecessarily and intaking of the junk rather than veggies or fruits. 


What can be opted instead of Sodas

The best fluid to be taken is Water.

Take plenty of water and this will give a positive impact on your skin, liver, kidney, every organ.

Other alternatives can be:

  • Chaach
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Black coffee
  • Lemon water
  • Detox water infused in lemon, orange, apple, cinnamon, cucumber, etc.
  • Veggies juices
  • Juices without sugar

Make a customized drink for yourself and treat your body with the fluids or drinks which are good for your body and helps your organs to work properly.

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