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Valentine’s Day Special: Make your lips look luscious with THESE lip care essentials


Valentine’s Day Special: Make your lips look luscious with THESE lip care essentials

Valentine’s Day Special: Make your lips look luscious with THESE lip care essentials

Kissing Day is a day celebrated just before Valentine’s Day. It is the day when you express your deepest feelings and your intense affection in the most romantic way. Master your relationship and ignite a romance with a kiss this Valentine’s Day! If you want to express your feelings and fill yourself with immense love and affection with a kiss, here are some lip care basics to make your cupid’s bow more provocative.

1. Mamaearth Natural Lip Care Kit

Rich in 100% Vitamin C, Mama Earth’s Natural Lip Care Set is a 2-in-a-bottle pack of lip scrub and lip balm for plump, rosy lips. This lip care set will treat and nourish your flaky lips, turning them to sugar in no time. Natural ingredients like turmeric oil, shea butter, and walnuts will give your lips an intense shine on this valentine’s day.

2. Bloom Candy Melts Lip Balm Collection

Frost your lips with this delicious lip balm that comes in a set of 4. It moisturizes your lips and makes them more supple. Now you can enjoy the flavors of Watermelon, Mint, Coconut, Raspberry, and Red Velvet Love anytime, anywhere. The benefits of carrot seed oil, cocoa, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, and carnauba wax will make your lips worthy of attention.

3. ALANNA Lip Day Mask

Fill in lip lines in seconds with this buttery mask. It reduces pigmentation and gives you soft and smooth lips. Formulated with exotic butter and vegetable waxes. It has a delicious raspberry flavor that lives behind a touch of pink on your lips.

4. Daughter Earth Dreamy Lip Mask

This lip mask is a great solution for plump and supple lips. It helps your lips retain moisture and makes them healthier. A mixture of passion fruit, pineapple, and vanilla that adds flavor to your lips. You can also use this lip mask as a base before applying it to your lips with lipstick.

5. ALANNA Lip Butter night Mask

If your lips are flakier than usual, you should treat yourself to the ALANNA Night Lip Butter Mask to look beautiful on this valentine’s day. Reduce pigmentation and repair your lips easily. Moisturizes and softens your lips like magic. The lovely raspberry flavor provides a refreshing effect for your lips throughout the night.

6. SkinWorks Lip Tints

If you want to have seductive lips in a matter of seconds, do not miss these two beauties. It comes in a pair that serves as the perfect lip tint to celebrate Kissing Day 2022. The two bold shades of rustic red and caramel are made with natural fruit extracts and hydrating butter. You can use these tints as blush and rock them this Valentine’s Day effortlessly.

7. Gorgeous Forest Essentials Lip Balm

This lip balm contains a sugary orange flavor. It is an effective blend of kokum butter, beeswax, and cocoa bean butter to rejuvenate your lips. It perfumes the lips and gives them a shiny finish. If you are looking for a totally lovely lip balm that will help your lips maintain their glory, then this is what you should definitely go for.

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