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6 unconventional Ways To Style A Sari.



6 unconventional Ways To Style A Sari.

6 unconventional Ways To Style A Sari.

Don’t wear a sari that makes you feel like a singer, so a girl said she didn’t like her! Sari is an ambitious outfit for every Indian girl regardless of trendy wardrobe preferences, lifestyles and personal choices. It’s nine yards of pure heritage, and you can design it to make it work for any occasion – from a normal day at work to a wedding.
The key to saree design is that there is no key! Contrary to popular belief, the sari is, in fact, the most versatile traditional piece – it can be mixed and matched with a range of options to create a collection that suits your choices and the occasion you wear. Here are some easy ways you can wear a sari to stand out from the crowd. Read More:

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  1. Ruffle it up!

Among the many modern designer sarees available online and in stores, choose one with ruffled edges and pair it with a contemporary top with a ruffle blouse. If these many frills are a little extra for your taste, you can also choose a regular crop top with a halter neck or a blouse with a pussy bow to pair with your sari.

2.Head like Sonam

Want to keep curtains from saree and blouse as simple as possible? Wear a printed head on your blouse for more style. It will make your clothes automatically look and feel heavier without paying attention to the sari.

3.Belt on top

A very popular style with Bollywood celebrities, putting a belt that pierces your surroundings can help give your clothes some proportion. Wear it with a stylish belt, or wear it with a wide leather belt and make it look cute!

5.Can not bypass the coat

You may have already seen your mother wearing a huge jacket over her mast when attending weddings in winter and dismayed about the design of Faux Paz. Well, guess what? This layer is in vogue right now, and if it’s really paired, it can really highlight your sarees! Pro tip: Go to a long coat or jacket that resembles the texture and color of your sari.

  1. Scarf pattern


Get the saree by request half the length of the actual saree – some Northeast and South Indian cultures already wear sari two pieces. Now, bend it around trousers instead of a petticoat or skirt. Culottes work well in this style, too!

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